Electric Dreams – The Hood Maker

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Should I stay or should I go ?

Spaces & Exchanges

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5 migrants share the various reasons why they had to leave their home country.

Problems they faced : No jobs / Civil War

All went to the United Kingdom to find a job or to be safe

Angle: Immigration

  • REFUGEE : Political asylum > fleeing civil war / save their life / family > to survive

Ex. Sajwaa / Alain

  • MIGRANT : Economic purposes > need a job / education / opportunities to improve their life.

Ex. Shakeeb / Inès

  • ASYLUM SEEKER :  still undocumented but waiting for a Visa / Green Card

Ex. Priyanga


  • To be granted the right / the status # to be denied the right / status
  • To apply for a job / work permit
  • To be threatened by : être menacé par
  • due to / because of + N
  • Asylum seeker: demandeur d’asile
  • Refugee # migrant > foreigners :/aliens:/
  • To seek the truth / to look for information / to search for a solution
  • To welcome : accueillir > to be welcoming / to be open-minded
  • To learn / to acquire more working experience
  • A chef / a cook
  • Deprived of freedom of speech / in Congo kids are deprived of education
  • He is scared if he went back he would die > life and death situation
  • Her life wasn’t at stake : être en jeu / risquer sa vie
  • To put claims = to apply for a visa as political refugee.
  • To travel abroad
  • To move to a foreign country
  • A dead-end: cul de sac
  • Relatives : closed ones: les proches



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Why do people migrate to the UK?

BAC Notion : Spaces & Exchanges 

All the interviewees in this video are foreigners, thhey are all migrants but they give the reason why they moved in / to  the UK. We realized that there are different types of migrants: 

asylum seekers and refugees who are persecuted and threatened in their home country CONTRARY TO  economic migrants who do not fear for their life.


Inès and Shakeeb are BOTH economic migrants WHEREAS Priyanga and Alain are REFUGEES .

  • live : vivre # to leave ( left) partir
  • a stranger ( inconnu) # a foreigner ( un étranger)

Lesson docs: 2011-positive-images-complete-english-toolkit-2-1

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It’s an Ad world!



Watch 2 ads. What’s wrong with them?

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Match each video to the correct explanation below.

1- Carl’s JR. burger

2- Volkwagon’s Polo.

A- While the fast-food company isn’t exactly known for socially conscious advertisements, its X-Men commercial sinks to a new low. The sexist message is clear: Ladies, burgers are only for manly men. Guys, unless you’re a manly man with massive jaw and muscles to chew on a juicy burger, you’re nothing.

B- One of the most racist commercials in recent history is particularly appalling. It features an Arab terrorist in its ad campaign for a new car. The terrorist attempts to be a suicide bomber at the scene of a busy restaurant, but his plan is thwarted because the Polo, despite being small, is just too strong for his bomb.

I’m shocked about the Carl Jr commercial because this ad was sexist they mean burgers are only for men and not for women. In the second commercial, there is  a mix a between Arabs and terrorists. It’s a racist commercial 1- A 2- B by Mathilde.

4- Listen and practice for Bac exam.




A2 / B1 –

What makes this video interesting? Explain.

B1 / B2  – TIMING: 6’58 – 8’22 Michelle OBAMA on Food Advertising

What is Michelle Obama standing against? Why?

B2 / C1 


Listen to the audio 3 times and say what you understand.

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The Lunch Date

Video study – The lunch date. 

Check out the title – What do you expect?


Imagine you are one of the characters. Say what you think they are thinking when I stop the video.

  • to think: penser ( thought)
  • thoughts: les pensées
  • to steal ( stole) : voler
  • a thief : un voleur
  • a plate: une assiette
  • cutlery: des couverst
  • a meeting ( professional) #
  • to forgive ( forgave)
  • to forget ( forgot) : oublier
  • a fork: fourchette / a knife : un couteau
  • From then on : à partir de ce momentr là
  • to be / feel embarrassed (gêné) / upset (contrarié)  / disappointed (déçu)

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Class rules and Tips to succeed !

Watch the short film and remind each minions what rule they SHOULD / MUST / HAVE T0 follow !

Watch a scene from the film School of Rock by Richard Linklater, 2003.

  • What rules does Mr Finn break?
  • You are the kids parents, you call the Dean’s office to remind Mr Finn that he must follow the rules!
  • HW – Imagine the phone call.

Watch a scene from the film Detachment by Tony Kaye, 2012.

  • Look at the film poster, what happened?
  • What rules do the students break in the video?
  • HW – You are Mr Barthes & his student, imagine what they say. 


EXTRA video to get gold stars !!

Find 4 new rules!

Class documents!


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UNHCR video study

Students work on a definition of a refugee, compare it to the 1951 convention and then work on creating a protocol to prepare for a roleplay where they are refugees and members of UNHCR.

Push and pull factors


  • A REFUGEE is someone who didn’t / doesn’t have the choice to leave /
  • whose life is in danger / victim of imminent danger –
  • he fears for his life
  • victims or potential victims of genocide, wars, persecution, insecurity

Poverty / economic problems ? Want a job / make more money

> economic migrants not considered as refugees.

Victims of natural disasters may be relocated to another city in the same country.

> considered as internally displaced people.

Their reasons have to be honest? > well-founded

Protocol / questions / proof people tell the truth ?

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Twisted Fairy Tales

Grp B

  • Happy ending?
  • Twist? change
  • for kids ?
  • Once upon a time … / They lived happily ever after …
  • crows / dark magic / evil queen / fights / armour / knights / to turn into ( se transformer) / powerful / powerless / no blood / breathes her youth in / her escape (sa fuite)

Comment on Snowwhite and the Huntsman.

Find 1 common point / 1 difference between the original story and this new version. 

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1L2 Travel writers creative writing

Which theme?

Imaginary / The Eye and the I / Meet the Other / Travel, Exile, Initiation / The Writer in His Century / Characters and Avatars

Watch 2 traveller’s videos

Choose your favourite traveller’s story

Scisa’s story

  • 3 weeks ago + preterit (3 weeks ago, my village was on fire.”
  • starving: affamé
  • a prey : une proie
  • to think about sthg: réfléchir
  • to make up your mind : prendre une décision
  • April, 28th, 1980. #DAY I : DEPARTURE
  • DAY 2 # FEAR

Note down key words you understand

Imagine your are the traveller

Post the 1st page of your diary

  • Why did you leave? where do you intend to go?
  • what did you see? who did you meet? What did you take with you?
  • How did you feel when you left?