BAC BLANC segregation corrections!

Each time a disaster occurs people > everyone is more helpful and kinder.  It’s as if disasters > traumatic events pulled everyone together and urged everyone to take care of eachother. I think depending on the trauma everyone feels vulnerable. We feel as if it might happen to us. We could also have been the victim of the same disaster. That’s how we realize that everything is relative and doesn’t matter so much. For example when a tsunami happens / take place on the spot rescue teams or on-lookers help each other and save those who are injured / wounded. 

Most people think that disasters bring people together because we feel the same. For example we are sad for the war in Syria or Irak as we imagine that if we had been in the same situation we would have left our country and we would have felt in shock too. That’s why most people believe disasters pull us together as we all feel compassionate when we hear tragic news on TV.







Twisted Grammar Exercises

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Here’s an example of the different grammatical items you need for each level.

A1 (Beginner) – A2 (Lower-intermediate)  > Secondes

B1(Intermediate) – B2 (Upper-intermediate) > 1ères

B2 (Upper-intermediate) – C1 (Advanced) > Terminales

* A1 Beginners level

** A2 Survivors level




*** B1 Autonomous level