Progress Lab Session 3

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1- Listen to the documents and choose the one you wish to study. 10 minutes.

♪ easy A2

♪♪ Intermediate  B1

♪♪♪ Target B2

2- Complete your listening grid with key elements. Follow BAC timing!

Notes down everything you understood!

3- React! Post your comment on blog! 15 min.

Audio docs & worksheets here!


Progress Lab Session

Get ready for your bac interview!

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Play with Learning Apps to remember your documents & method!  > 10 min.

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Post and Like one comment on one issue question below!  > 10 min.

  • B1 – In what way has progress made life better, faster, stronger ? Can you give any examples?
  • B2 – Do you think people were happier before or now? What do you miss from the past? What do you think is better now?

I agree // I disagree: je suis d’acc / pas d’acc. // thanks to : grâce à // because of / due to : à cause de … // As a result / that’s why: c’est la raison pour laquelle // to achieve = réaliser // to allow so. to do sthg: permettre à qq’un de ….

Record your oral presentation !  > 20 min.

Choose between:

A – notion presentation

B-  interview Q/A

Ready to print .odt Idea of progress method documents

  • A- You feel ready to speak 5 minutes non-stop > record your 5 minutes oral presentation on Progress using
  • B- You feel ready to answer some interview questions > record 3 answers in 5 minutes.
  • Export as .mp3 > Rename your audio doc > save it in ‘restitution’ as .mp3  > double-check with teacher > 10 minutes

More vocab below …

Progress Method + QA


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Minority Report – Arrest Scene

  • Watch and find as many questions as you can!
  • Watch again and try and find the answers to your questions!
  • Would you like to live in this world? Why? Why not? Explain your opinion.

Lesson docs to print! 

Online Learning Apps below!

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Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 16.23.20

Extract from Lesson Notes

Howard wants to kill his wife because she is cheating on him. John wants to arrest Howard before he kills her.

Spielberg wants to show a dark and scary vision of the future, to make us aware of the power of technology in the hands of the police, to ask how far we should go to llve in a safe society,

to warn us about the dangers of progress, to raise ethical issues: should the police arrest people for intending to commit a crime ? Can people get arrested for their ideas?


  • Husband / wife / lover: mari / femme / amant
  • To cheat on someone ( so.) : tromper qq’un
  • To commit a crime / murder: comettre un crime / un murder
  • Attempted murder: tentative d’homicide
  • To intend to + BV: avoir l’intention de
  • To happen / to take place: se passer
  • Will + BV / won’t + bv : expression du futur / prédictions / en train de prendre un décision
  • Is / are / isn’t / aren’t going to + BV: expression du futur / après l’avoir décidé
  • To foresee / to predict: prévoir / prédire
  • To prevent sthg from + ing: empêcher qqchose de se passer
  • To raise ethical issues: soulever des questions éthiques.

Idea of Progress – Wall-e

A2 > C1 Pairworks Class Activities to print here!

  • What is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs?

Food?  Drink liquid food out of large plastic cup > a lot of trash  > + pollution Communication? Glued to their screens even if their friend is next to them. > no face to face communication anymore

Transportation? Unable to move on their own / never stand up / move thanks to flying wheelchairs > lazy / get fatter and fatter > unhealthy > shorter lifespan

Lesson notes and online quiz below!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 17.13.02

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LA // TL Science Fiction & Progress

13/09 LELE – THE IMAGINARY > Science Fiction 6pm – 7pm

  • Bac info
  • Science Fiction Mind Mapping activity
  • Link to be made between Imagination essential to BOTH Science & Fiction
  • Possible angle / issue question in LELE : How do writers’ imagination foreshadow our reality?

LVA 7pm – 8pm

Notions definition

Method files organization

LVO  WallE workshops 8pm – 10pm





  • Flying wheelchair
  • To urge so. To + BV/ To brainwash so. into + ing : pousser / manipuler qq”un pr qu’il fasse qqchose

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Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee

From Teachers’ Resource Web –

A Scene-by-Scene Breakdown of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) with Study Questions

PS: Take notes if possible while you watch the film. I strongly suggest that you see the movie twice.

Discussion Questions for Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989)

**Please read these questions before you watch the film

1) What’s the importance of the film’s references to “heat”? In responding, consider the phrases in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Malcolm X’s references to the racial climate or mood in 1960’s America.

2) What do you know about Radio Raheem’s favorite rap group, Public Enemy? In what way are the group’s lyrics in “Fight the Power” appropriate to the movie? What is “the Power” in the context of the film, and how does one fight it?

3) Follow the treatment of Radio Raheem throughout the film. Why is it oddly predictable that he is the character who ends up dead by the end of the film?

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