Recap’ Guantanamo / Power

Places & Forms of Power.


Study case: Guantanamo

  •  Official powerSee original image

EX> Bush administration ‘Global War on Terror’ after 9/11 = new laws ‘state of emergency’ (> same as French laws after Nov 13th.)

Not blocked by Congress or Supreme Court.

Powerful executive power = creation of Guantanamo. :/

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Micro TES / TL / 1L the Road to Guantanamo

Students react!

soldiers: militaires

‘dirty conditions’ terrific / horrible > on the ground / basic human rights are ignored / worse than animals

rumours about torture / controversial / no cameras / no journalists allowed > kept a secret / suspicious

Soliders are searching them / ‘cavity search’ / physical humiliation (uniforms are too tight / too short > butt-naked)

they are masked >  their senses are blocked / they can’t see / speak or hear anything.

Total isolation / disturbing / shameful / not right to see sthg like that / we feel uncomfortable faced with atrocious detention conditions.

The article may be about the hard conditions of the detainees.

Anti-constitutional / UNFAIR ? Torture is not allowed according to the US constitution / no trial for the detainees > HabeasCorpus “noone should be detained without a …fair trial.

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Myths & Heroes : Take a Stand : The Road to Guantanamo

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 09.40.55

lesson documents: guantanamo rc

Myths & Heroes- Take a stand!

Anonymous heroes > Everyone can be a hero.

How to become a hero > Take a stand! Become an activist!

Types of violence?

Verbal abuse > insults / rude words / humiliation

Physical abuse > sexual harassment on the tube / domestic violence

discrimination? Color of skin / physical appearance > racism

bullying at school / job > resume(CV) racial profiling

victims are sometimes immigrants / kids / old people / disabled people / gays & lesbians / the homeless / women

police officer sometimes use coercive power / intimidation / racial profiling

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