The Lunch Date

Video study – The lunch date. 

Check out the title – What do you expect?


Imagine you are one of the characters. Say what you think they are thinking when I stop the video.

  • to think: penser ( thought)
  • thoughts: les pensées
  • to steal ( stole) : voler
  • a thief : un voleur
  • a plate: une assiette
  • cutlery: des couverst
  • a meeting ( professional) #
  • to forgive ( forgave)
  • to forget ( forgot) : oublier
  • a fork: fourchette / a knife : un couteau
  • From then on : à partir de ce momentr là
  • to be / feel embarrassed (gêné) / upset (contrarié)  / disappointed (déçu)

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LELE Android project

Your project: prepare an exam session where you will face someone else and the class will decide which of the two of you is NOT human.

Your task is to imagine a conversation and any supporting material that will help determine whether or not the person you are facing is human.

Voigt Kampff

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Making a Murderer

Test documents TO PRINT!

Test making a murderer test

Correct Making A Murderer


People, bingeing , tragic story ,murder , documentary ,mystery , Murderer – justice – sexual – characters – DNA – blood-  2003 , found key ,strange , 25 years ago , series , report , netflix , justice ,complex character’s , incredible conflict , mistake of justice (miscarriage of justice: erreur judiciaire)

  • Type of doc? Who is speaking?

News video about a new TV series ‘Making a Murderer + Tv series trailer and extracts from interviews, police records, archive, phone conversations, trial sessions ‘

presenter > man / voice over about the series > woman / people in the series : lawyers / police officers / steven and his family / witnesses / real people

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