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Should we change schools?

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TSTMG drafts

In Germany the timetables are very light however they get better grades than us. So I truly think that we don’t have to work long hours to get good results.



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3 documents on GuNs in the US . Listen up, do the exercises or take notes and write everything you understand in French or English.

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A2 The Gun Debate – Mark debates whether guns should be legal. http://www.elllo.org/Audio/A0401/439-mike-guns.mp3

B1 – Gun Control
B2 – NPR Gun Control – The view from the NRA 

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1S7 – soldiers & war photographers

  • Brainstrom vocab
  • Teamwork Get organized
  • Use markers & linkwords to be coherent and convincing!


First soldiers risk their lives for the values of their homeland / fatherland (patrie) for example freedom of speech, girls education, or religious beliefs. They also follow political agendas for example geopolitical issues like control over oil or nuclear power in the Middle East or to gain more territories like Russian forces in Ukraine.

We can say it’s the same for journalists who risk their lives when they go to war zones where they could die to tell us the truth about the horros of war, they also fight for a vision.

But soldiers follow orders whereas / while journalists sometimes criticize the origin of wars and denounce governments’ political agendas.

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TSTMG4 – Soldiers vs War journalists

Opinion Markers

I agree with the fact that …. but I disagree with the fact that …

People believe that …. but I’m convinced that …….

In my country we ….

It’s true that …..

I’m sure that …

Let me explain …

In my opinion …


First …


What’s more …

That’s the reason why ….

As a consequence….

So …

Let’s clarify …

Then ….

On the contrary …

On the one hand … / On the other hand …

X … while / whereas Y …

In the end …

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LMA LVA War journalists & soldiers : Let’s debate!

Video study – Journalists killed in the line of duty

Journalists killed > David Bloom & Daniel Pearl

46 other journalists killed & 6 will be mentioned / interviewed

introduction of documentary on journalists killed while working / doing their job but we often forget their names

most of the times journalists do their job in dangerous places / set example / we have to talk about them / pay a tribute / remember them / they die to share the news / tell us the truth / to make us aware of the situation / like soldiers/ sometims they go too far / get kidnapped

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1S5 Get Ready for your Debate!


  • State your name and who you represent before you speak!

(“Mathieu as John Gaskin, spokesman for the NAACP”)

  • Speak in turns! Don’t interrupt or if you do, do it respectfully!

(“Excuse, can I say a word please?”)

  • Speak English only!

(What’s the English word for? …)


Lesley McSpadden ( MB’s mother)

John Gaskin (NAACP Spokesman)

Jonathan Gentry ( Minister of Faith, angry member of the Black community)

Dorian Johnson ( MB’s friend and firsthand eyewitness)

Ricky Stevenson ( Talk show hostess and supporter of Mike Brown)

Jake Tapper (CNN journalist live reporter )

Eric Bollin ( Fox journalist, racist)

KKK anonymous (# Chimpout)

Barack Obama ( tries to calm the situation down and supports Brown’s family)

Pharell Williams ( excessive force but MK should have obeyed the police officer)

To Be Created…

Social Media representative ( defends freedom of speech)

The Grand Jury ( members in favour or against Darren Wilson)

Demonstrator ( peaceful or angry, White or Black)

Michael Brown ( tells his own version)

Journalists (ask ‘booster’ questions’)


  • Is Darren Wilson guilty or innocent? Should he be arrested?
  • Was Michael Brown killed because he was Black?
  • Is Michael Brown’s shooting a racist act?
  • Is Ferguson a ‘racial’ event?
  • Is racism still an issue in the US today?


  • Was it self-defense?
  • Is Darren Wilson’s reaction justified?
  • Is Darren Wilson a liar? Did he tell the truth?
  • Should Darren Wilson be in jail?
  • Did Michael Brown do something wrong? Is he a criminal?
  • Did he try to take DW’s gun? Was he armed?
  • Why did he shoot him in the head? Why not in the legs or arm?
  • Is Black people’s reaction right? Justified?
  • Is looting right or wrong?


  • Was he killed because of what he did or because of what he looked like?
  • Can we prevent racial profiling in police work?
  • If Darren Wilson is murderer, why didn’t the Grand Jury indict him?
  • How can Darren Wilson be considered innocent?
  • Would you have killed Michael Brown if you had been Darren Wilson?
  • If Darren Wilson was Black, would Michael Brown still be alive?

Tricky & Off-topic

  • Should heavy weapons be allowed for policemen?
  • Should citizens be allowed to carry guns?
  • Is Ferguson a dangerous city?
  • Did the media focus on the violent reactions to fuel the controversy?
  • Can we allow racial profiling in police work?


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 19.32.51Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 19.31.34

1ES1 Tensions in Ferguson Video study + reactions mind map

Tensions in Ferguson

Get ready for DEBATE

2014-12-06 19.25.01HW

Study and find arguments!

You can turn the subtitles on but there are mistakes sometimes so be careful!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 19.33.11

Barack Obama

Théo / Morgan / SImon

The Grand Jury

Yohann – Alexia

Michael Brown > Check the eye-witness testimonies and imagine how he must have felt! use your imagination!

Anne Claire – Jules


Marie Médinay / Jeanne / Manon D.


Pierre – Thomas – Raphaël – Mathias


Mathilde – Camille – Océane – Laurie

NAACP Black lobby

Liza – Théo R.


Adrien – Daniel – Léa B. – Nolan


Kevin – Regina


Alexandre – Samantha







2ndes Unit 1 – Youv’e Got Talent! Cartoon Study + debate arguments

HW for Friday 26th.

Be ready to debate !

Prepare arguments & opinion markers

‘ I totally agree ! No way! … ‘

Cartoon Study correction

Wednesday, September 24th.

Cartoon study.

‘Reality’ TV doesn’t really show the reality.

Contrary to ‘orphans in Africa’ or Middle East shows which are documentaries or news shows and show real events.

On Cartoon A the man is in front of his TV. He looks fat and angry, his face is red and his nose is big so he is a caricature of the average looser / couch potato.

On Cartoon B there is a couple in front of the TV. The man is a teacher. He is disappointed to see his students take part in a Reality Show. For him it’s a failure, he thinks he wasn’t a good teacher.

Cartoon C looks the same as cartoon A but the character is a kid instead of a man.

The kid and the potato couch both find that Reality TV are interesting shows, they enjoy watching it whereas the teacher doesn’t approve of it. The teacher disagrees with the other characters on Reality TV shows.

  • Orphans : orphelins
  • Middle East: Moyen Orient
  • events: évènements
  • failure: échec
  • average: moyen
  • instead of: au lieu de
  • agree with: être d’accord
  • to disagree with so. on sthg: ne pas être d’accord avec qq’un à propos de qqchose
  • both find: tous les 2 trouvent
  • enjoy: like
  • approve of : approuver
  • disappointed: déçu
  • character: personnage
  • whereas : tandis que


Student 1 – You’re a teenager. You’re addicted to reality TV shows.

Student 2 – You’re a dad. You disapprove of Reality TV shows.

Student 3 – You’re a teacher. You think Reality TV shows are a good debate topic.

Prepare arguments & opinion markers


Teenagers in favor of Reality TV shows.

  • – funny to watch the contestants clash / argue / trick the others or cheat ( Ex. Big Brother)
  • – there’s always something happening / new challenges / treasure hunts ( Survivor / Koh Lanta)
  • – there are cute / good-looking / sexy / attractive guys / girls ( Temptation Island / the Bachelor )
  • – some contestants are so stupid it’s hilarious
  • – in some shows they tell the viewer about monuments or cultural sights of the region ( the Amazing Race / Pékin Express)
  • – when we watch Reality TV shows, time flies
  • – it’s relaxing and entertaining
  • – you don’t have to think too much / easy to understand

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.20.18

Teachers who are in two minds about Reality Tv

  • – it’s controversial so it makes students talk
  • – it’s good language practice because the contestants have authentic accents
  • – it’s not very challenging in terms of contents
  • – it’s good debate practice
  • – important ‘cultural’ phenomenon in today’s society

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.26.58Dad (parents) who disapprove of Reality TV shows

– contestants are stupid

– there’s no intellectual / cultural contents

– it’s killing your brain / mind-numbing

– a complete waste of time

– written in advance / scripted drama

– fake

-violent / rude / shocking / vulgar / indecent