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1S7 Travellers – Video discussion / diary

Choose your favourite traveller’s story

Scisa’s story

  • 3 weeks ago + preterit (3 weeks ago, my village was on fire.”
  • starving: affamé
  • a prey : une proie
  • to think about sthg: réfléchir
  • to make up your mind : prendre une décision
  • April, 28th, 1980. #DAY I : DEPARTURE
  • DAY 2 # FEAR

Note down key words you understand

Imagine your are the traveller

Post the 1st page of your diary

  • Why did you leave? where do you intend to go?
  • what did you see? who did you meet? What did you take with you?
  • How did you feel when you left?


  • I can’t wait for my trip to begin! ( j’en peux plus d’attendre…/ très impatient)

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Childhood memories

Video study > Action Aid

childhood action aid

Grp A lesson notes Feb 15th.  BE ready for a test prepared by GRoup B!

Questions example:

  • What was Ben’s memory?
  • What’s the French / English word for…?
  • How would you say : ‘je me souviens que j’avais l’habitude de manger des tonnes de boulettes de viande! “
  • What are the two ways to express habits in the past? ( used to + BV / WOULD + BV )
  • Find the missing words: What music did you ……….. to listen to when you ……… young? (What music did you used to listen to when you were young? )

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