Twisted Fairy Tales

Grp B

  • Happy ending?
  • Twist? change
  • for kids ?
  • Once upon a time … / They lived happily ever after …
  • crows / dark magic / evil queen / fights / armour / knights / to turn into ( se transformer) / powerful / powerless / no blood / breathes her youth in / her escape (sa fuite)

Comment on Snowwhite and the Huntsman.

Find 1 common point / 1 difference between the original story and this new version. 

Like in the original version, in this new version the evil queen taklks to her mirror and poisons SnowWhite.

Like In the original version, in this new version the evil queen is jealous she wants to be the most beautiful.

Like In the original version, this new version …

Both stories show the princess escaping NOT TO BE  KILLED by the huntsman.

Contrary to the old version , in this one they fight with armies and black magic.

Contrary to the old version , the huntsman has an important role to play.

UNlike the old version, this version is a video / a Hollywood film.

Snowwhite looks like a knight she is not naive like in the old version. 

We have access to the feelings of the characters, we hear the story from the evil character.

not to trust / to be careful with

HW – Watch Blitzwolf, 1942.

HW Find similarities & common points between old & new versions.


FAIR > fairy tale / a fairy : fée

to be fair : être juste  +  bon / beau

Who is the fairest of them all ?

Original stories aimed at whereas Hollywood movies are aimed at teenagers ?

Grimm Brothers to educate young girls > Disney’s versions to entertain kid > Hollywood teenage movies to make money ?

Original Snowwhite

Evil Queen who wants to kill Snowwhite with a poisoned apple. She is jealous because her mirror says Snowwhite is the most beautiful of the kingdom. There are 7 dwarfs in the forest. The hunter must kill SnowWhite and bring her heart to the evil queen to prove SW is dead. But he let her go and he kills a deer instead.

Story elements: Speaking mirror / magical elements  / Once upon a time ..  / they lived hapilly ever after …

  • To give common points :

Like in the original story ….

There is … in this version as well / too.

They are similar because …

This story shows … , so does the original.

To find differences

  • to give differencesWhereas : tandis que / But …Contrary to the original story, this drawing shows violence.Unlike the original Red Riding Hood, she looks scary. (a l’air menaçante)This drawing is not for children because it’s very violent.

    In this story the LRRH kills / shoots the wolf whereas in the original story the hunter kills it. (le chasseur)

Grp B


3 Little Pigs ?

There is three 3 little pigs who build houses.

One of the houses is made of wood sticks,

the second one is made of straw,

the third is made of bricks.

The wolf blows on the houses

to eat the pigs but the first house

blows away, the second burns up and

only the third resists.


– fight with real weapons, tanks, canons, bombs …

– it takes place during World War 2 Americans are against Germans.

– Wolf is a caricature of Hitler > laughs at Hitler /

exaggeration > German accent / language is fake / Swastika is

actually (en réalité) made of sausages / Pigmania stands for (représente)

Europe / Russia // chimney > hell

– released during World War 2 > in 1942 the Americans entered the war

– in both versions pigs sing / in this version they sing military songs

– don’t show support to eachother / conflicting / making fun of the third

pig just like in the original

– characters are the same

– chimney > hell / Pin Up ‘Esquire’ > typical US magazine

This cartoon was designed to ridicule Nazi Germany so it’s American propaganda.

Story writing / Fairy Tale

Once Upon Time

PART 1 – set the scene : Who ? What ? Where ? When ?

life of lead character / biography ? Physical appearance ?

Family situation ? Moral features ?

List adjectives / translate / create mindmap (

snowwhite  perfect ashamed lame aimless bashful powerful awful selfish original famous agile fragile grumpy dopey ditzy cool bold new stupid deluded

Saturday, April 9th.

Interactive vocabulary quiz. 

What’s the French team 1  / English word for team 2 ? 

List 5 words.

Watch Enchanted trailer / find 2 common points and 2 differences between this film and traditional fairy tales. 

What’s the twist? 

What is the effect on the viewer?

HW Grp B Read the text. 


Grp B

3 little pigs vs Blitzwolf

Rap Battle / Adjective ex.

Write the portrait of SnowWhite with a modern twist! Use as many adjectives as you can.

20160408_185600 (1)HW adj ex. Read sentences a to g and find an appropriate adjective. 

In both stories there’s a wolf.

The pigs fight with weapons whereas in the original story they are powerless.

parody / satire / caricature

American propaganda

They are not in the same world or context as the original story.


Monday, April 11th


  • write a modern version of a classical fairy tale. 

Once upon a time … description of the place / time and main characters. a portrait of your characters ( moral / physical portraits.)

adjectives :tall / small / strong / fat / silly / smart / courageous / sad / poor / skinny / old / young / tiny

Create your mindmap! ?

perfect / fragile / agile / sweet / porcelain / sloppy / floppy / dopey / awful / powerful / mean / sparkly / stupid / strong / coolest / single / boldest / weakest / newest / aimless / independent / grumpy / selfish / lame / original / high-pitched / bashful / frozen / better / blond / transcendent /  leg

  • To write a character’s portrait : use adjectives20160408_185600 (1)

a- fearful / a coward

b-brave / courageous

c- bold / relentlessd

d- selfish

e- selfless / self-sacrificing

f- clever / smart / intelligent  g- evil / cruel / mean / wicked / maleficient

  • To create suspense: use different tenses!

specific events / actions / precise / dated facts: preterit ( had a cold / ran out)       general situations/settings : + ing ( was making / had been living) 
flashbacks (had built) had + past participle / had + been + ing 

…..:…………. : ……………            :   ………….       : ….>

had build            had a cold            ran out of sugar   walked 

                    was making ………    …………………………>

          had been living ……………………………………………………………..>

  • To twist a story you can change the point of view (external / internal ) and the tone (funny / ironical)


The True Story of the 3 little pigs

The wolf tells his story / his side of the story / he addresses the readers / he talks to us.

It’s funny but at the same time it makes us think about serious things for example our carnivorous diet.

So we feel sorry for the wolf but we are the same because we like cheeseburguers too!

This text makes fun of the wolf but criticizes us too!

It’s a satire because it uses dark humour and irony.






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