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Bonnie & Clyde

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Bonnie & Clyde were real but their story was transformed by Hollywood for the famous movie featuring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in 1967.

Gangster movies are based on real facts but they glamorize them.

Bonnie & Clyde are perfect to create a film: they embody BOTH love and violence. The individualistic values they stand for can relate to the self-made men or rags-to-riches stories but they get rich and famous breaking the law.

  • Can a hero be a gangster?
  • How do outlaws become pop icons?
  • How do 1930s American gangsters illustrate the contradictions of the American Dream?

a slum: bidonville / quartier déshérité

to raise an issue: poser problème / soulever une controverse

law-abiding: respectables / honorables


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BAC BLANC segregation corrections!

Each time a disaster occurs people > everyone is more helpful and kinder.  It’s as if disasters > traumatic events pulled everyone together and urged everyone to take care of eachother. I think depending on the trauma everyone feels vulnerable. We feel as if it might happen to us. We could also have been the victim of the same disaster. That’s how we realize that everything is relative and doesn’t matter so much. For example when a tsunami happens / take place on the spot rescue teams or on-lookers help each other and save those who are injured / wounded. 

Most people think that disasters bring people together because we feel the same. For example we are sad for the war in Syria or Irak as we imagine that if we had been in the same situation we would have left our country and we would have felt in shock too. That’s why most people believe disasters pull us together as we all feel compassionate when we hear tragic news on TV.






Bac Blanc Micro recycle bin!

Corrigés Bac Blanc:



  • This article was published on January 20th, 2013.
  • It depends on people.
  • They usually wear impressive outfits. What’s more they defeat villains in order to save the world from evil.
  • Grown-ups are allowed to think that way contrary to teenagers.
  • They fight for their life.
  • We have to keep heroes in our memory so that we always remember that living is a precious gift.
  • A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice his own life for the common good.
  • His fellow-in-arms, whether dead or alive, should all be honored as heroes.
  • Rap music as well as rappers such as So Solid Crew encourage violence as they glorify a gangster culture.
  • They carry guns to commit crimes.
  • Such a tense atmosphere is rooted in gang culture. / Violence and tensions are triggered by gang culture.
  • I don’t recall the Tsunami in Japan grabbing so much attention.
  • Western European countries
  • He is hateful towards her as evidenced by his scornful attitude.
  • It’s an experience anyone can go through.
  • It’s a situation anyone can be faced with.
  • BAD > dangerous / wrong / unfair / horrible / awful
  • GOOD > amazing / great / interesting / exciting / brilliant
  • Things > objects / facts / concepts / ideas / products / …
  • The kids over there # tkids like video games = pas d’article indéfini “the” devant concept / généralités : indéfinis.

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