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A2 > C1 Pairworks Class Activities to print here!

  • What is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs?

Food?  Drink liquid food out of large plastic cup > a lot of trash  > + pollution Communication? Glued to their screens even if their friend is next to them. > no face to face communication anymore

Transportation? Unable to move on their own / never stand up / move thanks to flying wheelchairs > lazy / get fatter and fatter > unhealthy > shorter lifespan

Lesson notes and online quiz below!

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Bac Blanc Micro recycle bin!

Corrigés Bac Blanc:



  • This article was published on January 20th, 2013.
  • It depends on people.
  • They usually wear impressive outfits. What’s more they defeat villains in order to save the world from evil.
  • Grown-ups are allowed to think that way contrary to teenagers.
  • They fight for their life.
  • We have to keep heroes in our memory so that we always remember that living is a precious gift.
  • A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice his own life for the common good.
  • His fellow-in-arms, whether dead or alive, should all be honored as heroes.
  • Rap music as well as rappers such as So Solid Crew encourage violence as they glorify a gangster culture.
  • They carry guns to commit crimes.
  • Such a tense atmosphere is rooted in gang culture. / Violence and tensions are triggered by gang culture.
  • I don’t recall the Tsunami in Japan grabbing so much attention.
  • Western European countries
  • He is hateful towards her as evidenced by his scornful attitude.
  • It’s an experience anyone can go through.
  • It’s a situation anyone can be faced with.
  • BAD > dangerous / wrong / unfair / horrible / awful
  • GOOD > amazing / great / interesting / exciting / brilliant
  • Things > objects / facts / concepts / ideas / products / …
  • The kids over there # tkids like video games = pas d’article indéfini “the” devant concept / généralités : indéfinis.

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