1S7 NEw UNit! Videos to watch & Action PLan!

Choose your cause! Watch the videos and explain what cause is illustrated. Choose your favourite cause and find some background information.














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Micro TE / TL – Everyday heroes – Videos + Top 3

TOP 3 Most heroic!

3 American soldiers – on a train – In Belgium – stopped a guy from killing passengers (empêcher de tuer)

> saved many people – stopped a terrorist attack – trained soldiers (entraîné) – did their duty – risked their lives while they were on holiday. could have been killed if they didn’t do something

Wesley Autrey – jumped on train tracks (rails) to save a man – in front of his 2 daughters – in New York – subway

> split second decision – set an example – didn’t have to do it – acted alone – risked his life to save a stranger’s life.(la vie d’un inconnu)

Supergran – Ann Timson – 71 years old – stopped 6 robbers jewelry store – Northampton – motorbikes – no fame – no interviews

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1ères S Sept 15th Q/A top 3 & What makes a hero for you? Teamwork

(HW LATE corrections ) Subway Superman correction

  • WHAT : black man saved a sick man who fell on the train tracks
  • WHERE : New York Subway
  • WHO : a black man (‘Wesley Autrey) , his daughters, a sick man,  witnesses
  • WHEN : recently 2007 but broadcast on youtube in 2012.
  • WHY : he felt he had to do it, natural/human instinct=brave, courageous.
  • Top 3 most heroic person between Supergran / Wesley and Captain Sully / Explain why.

Capt Sully vs Wesley :

it’s a pilot’s job to take care of his passengers  but Wesley didn’t have to do it (il était pas obligé de) but he did it anyway. The train was arriving so it was extremely dangerous.

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TSTMG 4 September 5th Myths and Heroes 1

Lesson document: EVerydayheroes5:09


superman / hero / miracle / attack / captain / strong / power

  • GRammar POint !

what …? What happened?  What are we talking about?

Doc 2 – Subway Superman

Wesley Autrey saved an American guy in the subway in the US. I think it happened in 2005 but the date on YoutUbe is 2012.

Where..? Where did it happen ?

When …? When did it happen?

Who ..? Who did that ? Who did what?

why/how…? How did it happen? How did the rescue happen?

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