It’s an Ad world!

Watch 2 ads. What’s wrong with them?

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Match each video to the correct explanation below.

1- Carl’s JR. burger

2- Volkwagon’s Polo.

A- While the fast-food company isn’t exactly known for socially conscious advertisements, its X-Men commercial sinks to a new low. The sexist message is clear: Ladies, burgers are only for manly men. Guys, unless you’re a manly man with massive jaw and muscles to chew on a juicy burger, you’re nothing.

B- One of the most racist commercials in recent history is particularly appalling. It features an Arab terrorist in its ad campaign for a new car. The terrorist attempts to be a suicide bomber at the scene of a busy restaurant, but his plan is thwarted because the Polo, despite being small, is just too strong for his bomb.

I’m shocked about the Carl Jr commercial because this ad was sexist they mean burgers are only for men and not for women. In the second commercial, there is  a mix a between Arabs and terrorists. It’s a racist commercial 1- A 2- B by Mathilde.

4- Listen and practice for Bac exam.


A2 / B1 –

What makes this video interesting? Explain.

B1 / B2  – TIMING: 6’58 – 8’22 Michelle OBAMA on Food Advertising

What is Michelle Obama standing against? Why?

B2 / C1

Listen to the audio 3 times and say what you understand.

EX. of notes:

  • mums like me > we need ur help 4 our kids
  • >> why?
  • > U know h 2 get kids :)) excited abt eatg their food  / we nedd u to do it again
  • u have evthg it takes >> magic of ad + power 2 shape our kids desire + tastes
  • kids = sponges
  • :/ they believe evthg they C & hear especially if it’s on TV
  • average child > today = 8h in front of a screen
  • tastes & opinions shaped by marketg campains U create
  • that’s where the pblem comes in
  • 1 year = thousands of ads > 86 % R 4 pducts loaded with sugar, fat and salt
  • Contrast = 1 ad / week 4 healthy prod. like water, fruit & veg

Sell & Spin – Intro session

Notion: Spaces & Exchanges // Places & Forms of Power

How can / do advertising stereotypes influence us?

Team 1 –  ?

Team 2 –

The word advertising comes from ‘advertisen’ which means to notify so ads are created to influence consumer’s behaviours.

  • consumer’s behaviour
  • “advertisen” > to notify

Team 3

  • on the side of buses
  • on phone booths
  • watching TV / on Tv
  • at the cinema

average American is exposed 3000 ads everyday / There are blimp ads  / on the floor / as soon as you wake / until you go to bed / advertising is always present around us / it’s everywhere . all the time.

Team 4 – manufacturers paid 450 million in the past at the beginning of the 2oth century > today


12 thoughts on “It’s an Ad world!

  1. In BOTH * commercials there is a stereotypes.
    In the first video we can a woman who TURNS into a man when she BITES INTO a burger. It means that burgers and meat are only for men. In the second we can see an Arab-looking man who explodes himself in a car. It refers to terrorists. So it’s shocking!

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  2. The fact of staging a man with Arab features in an explosion is INAPPROPRIATE. Concerning the advertising of the hamburger, and the sexism that is in, this does not shock me because sexism has become banal.


  3. c’est un discours de Michelle Obama qui dit qu’elle remercie et encourage les mères de famille comme elle qui l’aide à lutter contre la ” mal-bouffe” et invite les personnes à manger plus sainement et faire attention à ce qu’il mange et aux pubs attirantes pour les ” fast-food”.


  4. 1.
    the message this video is sexist because in video the burgers are only for manly men with massive jaw and muscles to chew on a juicy burger. Whereas in real life the burgers for everyone (men&woman).
    This message is racist. in commercials they arabs is terrorist and the terrorist BLOWS HIMSELF UP in his car.

    For me, the commercials is racist, stereotYpICAL, discriminatORY…


  5. In the first video, the burger is present like something ONLY MEN ARE ALLOWED TO ENJOY, because when SOMEONE eats the burger he becomeS a guy. The COMMERCIAL looks very sexist, because this food, with lots of bacon and ketchup > UNHEALTHY is for strong guys not skinny girls who are always on a diet! ! But women can also post tweet with #, as wee see it at the end of the commercial: this company TRIES to BE CAREFUL NOT TO shock women too much).
    The first video is most shocking for people, an Arab-looking man IS in his car trying to bomb a place as a KAMIKASE / to blow himself up, but he can’t because the car is too resistant. It’s ridiculous because this ad reinforces prejudices and viewers ARE URGED to
    remember / REMINDED more of the attacks / or prejudices than they are urged to buy the car.
    A: 1
    B: 2


  6. TOM
    1=A: This video is sexist and discriminateS womEn because the video showS the stereotYpe OF the woman who is not AS strong AS a mAn, THANKS TO a famous Superheroine character ‘Mystic’ who transformS in a man because she eatS a big burger.

    2=B: This video is racist and bad taste because IT showS an Arab who exploDeS in his car TO show HOW RESISTANT THE car IS.

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  7. the problem with this commercial is the stereotype , it’s sexist and racist . The first video is sexist , it useS a mAn TO eat a burger , the women transformS in A mAn . And the second video , associateS Arabs and terrorism , it’s a prejudice .

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  8. The first text GOES with the first video
    The second video IS for the second text
    In the first video, man is said to be more powerful than womEn

    In the second video, we take an Arabic for a terrorist who explodes in the car this is a stereotype against Arabs.

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  9. Both commercials show a problem ; they are both descriminATING
    In the first commercial there is a little joke about the woman are powerless / weak
    The second ad IMPLIES than all the Arabs are terrorists BUT we are USED to seeing stereotypes everywhere now.

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  10. In the first video we can see a woman who is eating a hamburger and when she bites in it , she turns into a stronger man .
    We can understand that hamburgers are ONLY for strong muscular and powerful men WHICH is sexist.

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