War witness accounts & Capa – Help!

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D DAY pictures by Robert Capa

Online App about Spielber & Capa here 

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Eléments de corrigé pour rédiger vos réponses:

Texte A & B

1/ Comment expriment-ils leur expérience de la guerre? A quel moment? Dans quel but? Sous quelle forme se manifestent leur témoignage?

2/ Décrivez les sentiments de chaque homme vis à vis de leur expérience de guerre. Comparez et trouvez des points communs ou des différences.Votre  réponse doit mentionner:

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Exemples de dossiers LVA LELE LMA 2016

Calaimady bac docs completed

  • LvA Can anyone be a hero?
  • LVA How far can medical innovations go?
  • LELE How do Sci-Fi stories represent the future?
  • LELE What does the island stand for?


  • LVA – Myths & Heroes Who are the heroes of the Black fight for equal rights?
  • LVA – Progress – What is the impact of new technologies on our daily life?
  • LELE – What do islands represent?
  • LELE – How do writers scare us?


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TL & 1L Power of Advertising corrections

Sell and Spin: The Power of Advertising> examples of BAC Intro for oral interviews. 

Complete with what you can hear!

Intro …Sell and Spin: The Power of Advertising

Selling has always meant … Grabbing attention .

The point? Moving the …..product…………………… .

The means? Tapping into … desire , creating … need .

This is a story of explanation, … exaggeration and even exploitation.

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