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Mapping the world!



  • EXAM = 3 hours / Coeff 4.
  • Reading + annotations on texts /image & questions  = 30min.
  • Questions to answer = 1H
  • ESSAYS = 1H20 min.
  • Double-check / Proof-read = 10min.


Use highlighters to create your own legend & annotations. Highlight your texts and the questions.

1st READING > try and understand the main ideas.

  • WHAT > sources / recations / actions / problems / situation (verbs) < sum up in 1 sentence
  • WHO ( characters mentioned & present)
  • WHERE ( places > be specific countries / cities / areas / inside / outside …)
  • WHEN ( dates / contexts > don’t forget the paratext!)

2nd READING > Focus on style & message.


  • HOW ( reactions + style > point of view & literary strategies)


  • WHY ( explicit message > story // implicit message > writer’s intentions)

1st READING > try and understand the main ideas.

  • WHAT > sources / reactions / actions / problems / situation (verbs) < sum up in 1 sentence

A story about Arkady’s interest in saving Aboriginal culture thanks to maps of the sacred sites and teaching in the eyes of his parents.

  • WHO ( characters mentioned / focused on & present)
  • Arkady’s father Ivan V.
  • Ivan’s wife
  • 3 sons > Arkady
  • Arkady’s daughter
  • Arkady’s wife
  • The narrator
  • The writer Bruce Chatwin
  • WHERE ( places > be specific countries / cities / areas / inside / outside …)

Village near Rostov / The Ukraine /  Kiev / German factory : about the past // Arkady’s father

Adelaide suburbs ( where Arkady was born )  / Adelaide University / Walbiri in the North of Alice Springs : > what the story focuses on

  • WHEN ( dates / contexts > don’t forget the paratext!)

Protagonist’s father > at the age of 33 in 1942 decided to move to Australia from Russia.

Novel published in 1987.

2nd READING > Focus on style & message.

  • HOW ( reactions + style > point of view & literary strategies)

External POV // chronological aspect > flashback (past simple / pluperfect  )

  • WHY ( explicit message > story // implicit message > writer’s intentions)

Representing mixed family background & saving Aboriginal culture



= 50ptsx2  > 10pts

⅔ questions : explicit details / Who / What / Where / When > +/-30pts

⅓ questions : implicit details / How / Why + Both texts > compare / find a link  > +/- 20pts


WRITING SKILLS TARGETS! Official grid to print!


Click on the images to download lesson docs!

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HW –

1- How does this story fit in ‘travel, exile, initiation’?

2- How does it compare or relate to Lord of the Flies and Robinson Crusoe?

3- How is reality mixed with fiction? What is the effect on the reader?

4- Does Chris correspond to your vision of a romantic hero? Why? Why not?

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War witness accounts & Capa – Help!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.29.19 Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.29.26Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 15.17.30Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 15.17.20

D DAY pictures by Robert Capa

Online App about Spielber & Capa here 

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Eléments de corrigé pour rédiger vos réponses:

Texte A & B

1/ Comment expriment-ils leur expérience de la guerre? A quel moment? Dans quel but? Sous quelle forme se manifestent leur témoignage?

2/ Décrivez les sentiments de chaque homme vis à vis de leur expérience de guerre. Comparez et trouvez des points communs ou des différences.Votre  réponse doit mentionner:

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Minority Report – Arrest Scene

  • Watch and find as many questions as you can!
  • Watch again and try and find the answers to your questions!
  • Would you like to live in this world? Why? Why not? Explain your opinion.

Lesson docs to print! 

Online Learning Apps below!

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Extract from Lesson Notes

Howard wants to kill his wife because she is cheating on him. John wants to arrest Howard before he kills her.

Spielberg wants to show a dark and scary vision of the future, to make us aware of the power of technology in the hands of the police, to ask how far we should go to llve in a safe society,

to warn us about the dangers of progress, to raise ethical issues: should the police arrest people for intending to commit a crime ? Can people get arrested for their ideas?


  • Husband / wife / lover: mari / femme / amant
  • To cheat on someone ( so.) : tromper qq’un
  • To commit a crime / murder: comettre un crime / un murder
  • Attempted murder: tentative d’homicide
  • To intend to + BV: avoir l’intention de
  • To happen / to take place: se passer
  • Will + BV / won’t + bv : expression du futur / prédictions / en train de prendre un décision
  • Is / are / isn’t / aren’t going to + BV: expression du futur / après l’avoir décidé
  • To foresee / to predict: prévoir / prédire
  • To prevent sthg from + ing: empêcher qqchose de se passer
  • To raise ethical issues: soulever des questions éthiques.

Wall of Fear // Asimov

LELE // Extract from The Naked Sun by Asimov, 1957.



A millennium into the future, two advancements have altered the course of human history: the colonization of the Galaxy and the creation of the positronic brain.  Detective Elijah Baley, sent from the streets of New York with his positronic partner, the robot R. Daneel Olivaw, to solve an incredible murder that has rocked Solaria to its foundations.


“Civilizations have always been pyramidal in structure. As one climbs toward the apex of the social edifice, there is increased leisure and increasing opportunity to pursue hapiness. As one climbs, one finds also fewer and fewer people to enjoy this more and more. Invariably, there is a preponderance of the dispossessed. And remember this, no matter how well off the bottom layers of the pyramid might be on an absolute scale, they are always dispossessed in comparison with the apex.”

Lesson notes below!

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Idea of Progress – Wall-e

A2 > C1 Pairworks Class Activities to print here!

  • What is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs?

Food?  Drink liquid food out of large plastic cup > a lot of trash  > + pollution Communication? Glued to their screens even if their friend is next to them. > no face to face communication anymore

Transportation? Unable to move on their own / never stand up / move thanks to flying wheelchairs > lazy / get fatter and fatter > unhealthy > shorter lifespan

Lesson notes and online quiz below!

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