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BAC ORAL Progress

Key words:

half-human / half-robot : mi homme mi robot

to improve: améliorer

an improvement une amélioration

to allow so. to do sthg: permettre à qq’un de faire qqchose

to be disabled: être handicapé

technological devices: outils technologiques

to make your life easier: rendre ta vie plus facile

to raise ethical questions: soulever des questions éthiques

to move forward: avancer

Issue question: How far can technology go?

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2ndes Mini Debates

Opinion markers

On top of that … de plus

I agree / je suis d’accord

No way / Tu craques!

I disagree!! Je ne suis pas d’accord

You are wrong / tu as tort

I’m in two minds because… j’hésite

I totally agree with you !! tt à fait d’accord

What’s more… de plusIMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0889

Let me add that… j’ajouterai même que …

librarian: libraire

make you smarter: te rends plus intelligent

a trick: une arnaque

a trap: un piège

to be tricked : se faire arnaquer

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LVA / LELE BAc workshop Saturday, Feb 1st. plan





  • Define notion > personal perspective > documents

Use Linkwords!

First / so / then / that’s why / however …

“Well ok so the imaginary … To me the Imaginary belongs to our dreaming experience.

When we imagine things most of the times we are dreaming. But writers have access and take us to a world of imagination. Science Fiction is my favourite field because it allows me to escape from reality. Thanks to sci-fi stories we think about extraordinary and psychedelic experiences. For example this year we studied … watched a film which is called Inception directed by Christopher Nolan … “ Imaginary > #Dr Jekyll / (#The Yellow Wall Paper) / #Inception

How do sci-fi stories distort reality?

Plan your presentation in 2 parts

“So first I’ll mention Rosa Parks’ role in the Civil Rights Movement and then I’ll explain how victory can only be achieved through collective struggle with the example of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington.”

Conclude on what you’ve learned and how it helped redefine the notion.

“Finally we all believe the American Dream is a question of determination, success and freedom for all but in the end, it might be an American nightmare or just an illusion.”

VOCABULARY – Imaginary

  • to read / to write / to show / how / readers / writers
  • to imagine / to think / to create/ to dream / to travel / to fantasize/ to realize / to make your dreams come true / to embody / to feature / illustrate
  • imagination / dream / thoughts / mind / fiction / reality / fear / abstraction / hopes / inner fears

to be scared / to be frightened / to be scary / unreal / far away from reality / on your own / lonely / free / captivating / stuck / crazy / non sense / absurd / focused / mad / insane / illogical / extraordinary / boring / imaginary / mysterious / suspenseful / dark / light / ambivalent / psychedelic / split / ambiguous

    • Farid
  • Progress LVA Alan TURING

> find an article about Progress in the field of science // back ward move in terms of discrimination & anti-gay feelings.

2 documents on progress

Rosa Parks

Malcolm X

personal doc?

  • Myths & Heroes American Dream?

Us Patriotism / Guantanamo / Death Penalty

means protests / speech or boycott

ordinary woman / teacher /

‘anonymous’ unexpected heroine vs Malcolm X

how Black heroes lived through people’s minds / history

How heroes of the Black cause were created?

The power of the media in the making of heroes?

  • Imaginary > #Fahrenheit 451 / # 1984 / #?

? > # / # Lord of the Flies / # ?

  • Nadège

Myths and Heroes

refugees / struggle through natural disasters / fighting the odds


personal doc

Picture of a woman after the earthquake in Haiti

anonymous heroes / real-life heroes

9/11 fire fighters


  • Colette
  • Myths & Heroes

    anonymous heroes?

  • Spaces & Exchanges

travel experiences

pers. doc – Afghanistan

Gertrude Bell > Irak

Shackleton > Antarctica

Livingstone > Africa

3 types of adventurers / discoverers > political agenda

How Europeans envision the ‘new world’ ?

> explorations for Western Europeans

somewhere between colonization and personal pleasure (tourism) ?

  • The Imaginary > # 1984 # Dr Jekyll # ? / Travel > # Dr Moreau / # Lord of the Flies / # ?
  • Travel > # Stevenson / # Robinson Crusoe / # ?
  • Linda
  • Myths & Heroes

Rosa Parks / Whiteys on the Moon Gill Scott Heron

Africans Americans for Barack Obama video

extract from Obama’s biography

What message was formulated around the fight for equal rights?

  • Idea of Progress

African American identity in Photography

social progress / scientific progress

  • Characters / Avatars > # Dorian Gray # Dracula # Nosferatu?
  • Travel > # Dr Moreau # Shutter Island # ?


  • Idea of Progress

Battle for school integration

Franklin McCain past / today ?

How have things changed for Black people?

At what cost? Slow / racism still exists / but hopeful things (Obama)

Trial / decision today

  • Civil Rights Act 1964 // 50 years anniversary of CR movement
  • Black History Month
  • Doc pers. Angela Davis
  • Myths & Heroes

Nelson Mandela


American Dream? Thanksgiving?

Folk legends / monsters

Loch Ness > Folk legends in Scotland

Lord of the Rings > poetry of the lakes / heroic fantasy / Game Of Thrones

Arthurian Legends / Lancelot > Monthy Pythons ‘The Quest of the Holy Graal’ / Black Adder

Fairies / Elves

Literature ?

  • Keira


  • Travel

Robinson Crusoe

  • The imaginary
  • Spaces & Exchanges


  • Myths & Heroes

Nelson Mandela


LMA – LVA The Idea of Progress – Oral Interview method + example.

Terminale L Bac Interview method

– What you will show your jury:

1 file that includes 2 notions.

For each notion select 2 documents studied in class + one personal document that you think illustrates the same notion.

With a clean presentation, no notes, no vocabulary.

1 file = 2 notions = (2 docs + 1 personal) x 2 = 6 documents.

– The jury chooses 1 notion.

– You prepare for 10 minutes.

– Write down your full intro and ccl. Prepare notes for your different parts.

Your intervention must be organized and must follow these steps:

1- Intro = define the notion + give your issue question + your plan. = 2minutes

Ex. “So I will talk about the idea of Progress. Progress is related to science and a positive move toward perfection or happiness. Yet we talk about the ‘idea’ of progress because not everyone agrees that progress has only good sides or not everyone benefits from progress. My question today is: Does scientific progress guarantee a better future?

First I will talk about a text by Jodi Picoult which is taken from a novel called My Sister’s Keeper. I will compare this text to a science fiction film called Gattaca.

Then I will talk about a newspaper article dealing with the controversy around saviour siblings.

To conclude I will present a document I chose to illustrate this controversy.”

2- Prepare 2 or 3 coherent parts. = 6-8 minutes

  • Ex. PART 1 = How does fiction envision scientific progress? (docs: Gattaca / My Sister’s Keeper)
  • EX. PART 2 = Today’s controversy around saviour siblings. ( doc: Saviour Siblings article from the Journal of Medical Ethics)
  • EX. PART 3= How can we draw the line? / How can we protect ourselves from the ‘dangers’ of scientific progress? ( doc. Nuremberg trials and laws.)

Ex. PART 1 = How does fiction envision scientific progress? (docs: Gattaca / My Sister’s Keeper)

a) present the similarities between 2 documents from your file. (author, type, date, question raised…)

2 recent examples of fiction: movie and literature.

  • About scientific progress, genetics.
  • 2 heroes fighting for their future.

b) find positive arguments (Yes, progress guarantees a better future because… )

  • both docs show unbelievable scientific achievements. ( ex. l. 50. stem cell research. Designer babies… the science of tomorrow to save the children of today.// voice over Gattaca’s trailer “genetics. What can it mean? The ability to perfect the physical and mental characteristics of any unborn child.”)
  • elite team of astronauts in Gattaca / best baby to cure older sister > idea of perfection/ perfectly controlled world and generations.

c) find negative arguments ( No, progress doesn’t guarantee a better future because… )

  • both docs show a dark vision of our future. (ex. From text: “ l. 38 “ I wouldn’t even be alive, if it wasn’t for Kate being sick” // In the not too distant future, our DNA will determine everything about us/ saliva, a minute drop of blood, or a single hair determines where you can work, who you should marry, what you’re capable of achieving.’ )Both heroes struggle to have power over their future, they rebel against science.d) Conclude Part 1 :
  • EX “Gattaca is science fiction yet quite close to what’s happening now. On the other hand, My Sister’s keeper is fiction but quite realistic. Both documents illustrates hopes and fears about our future and how we should always weigh the pros and cons of scientific improvements.”

e) Find a transition for part 2:

Today’s controversy around saviour siblings.

( doc: Saviour Siblings article from the Journal of Medical Ethics

Ex. There’s a controversy today around IVF and saviour siblings. So I’ll now talk about …”

f) Prepare part 2.

  • the controversy
  • pros
  • cons

g) Draw your conclusion.

Are you in favour of Saviour Siblings? Why? Why not?

h) Prepare transition

i) Present your personal doc. (Part 3)

  • source / date / type / author
  • Explain how it illustrate your issue question.
  • Explain why you chose it.

3) Conclude.

Ex. “> (positive) So the idea of progress raises controversy especially in the scientific field. We mentioned two fictions and then 2 real and authentic documents that relate to the bright and dark sides of progress. We saw that science breakthroughs such as DNA research and saviour siblings could help us prevent death at a very young age and offer a bright future to sick children.

> ( negative) Yet the mastering of nature or “God’s Will” is very controversial. That’s why we need laws and safeguards. One of the most important safeguard in terms of scientific experiment was the Nuremberg Trial laws which I chose as a personal document. I truly believe we need to draft more laws to prevent unethical scientific experiments.

> To conclude on my idea of progress I would say that we benefit immensely from scientific discoveries but we should make sure science doesn’t determine entirely who we are or what our future will be like.”

4) Be ready to answer your jury’s questions.

5) even if LELE => preparation 10min + oral 10 min LVA/LV1 + 10 min conversation +  5 minutes LELE + 5 min conversation LELE. = total 30 minutes interview