Twisted Fairy Tales Holiday Readings

Choose one fairy tale and do the activities.


Sleeping Beauty

FairyTale Story Map



Childhood memories Show & Tell

What is your best / worst childhood memory?

Why is this object important to you? What does it mean for you?

How have you changed since you were young?

How long have you practiced rugby for? (tu fais du rugby depuis combien de temps)

When did you stop?

Is it real gold?

How did you feel? I felt very proud of myself because the other competitors were stronger than me.

Jawed doesn’t practice judo anymore but Mennad still plays rugby.

Childhood memories

Video study > Action Aid

childhood action aid

Grp A lesson notes Feb 15th.  BE ready for a test prepared by GRoup B!

Questions example:

  • What was Ben’s memory?
  • What’s the French / English word for…?
  • How would you say : ‘je me souviens que j’avais l’habitude de manger des tonnes de boulettes de viande! “
  • What are the two ways to express habits in the past? ( used to + BV / WOULD + BV )
  • Find the missing words: What music did you ……….. to listen to when you ……… young? (What music did you used to listen to when you were young? )

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TV series trailer workshop

– Tell about the plot but don’t spoil it!

– Use adjectives to urge your viewer to watch your series.

– write down catchphrases

– add some suspense with questions.



jurors Grp A

Ali / Adrien – B2 create new series ?

Clément / Junior: B1 Empire’s new season.

Eva / Julianne? Video editing lesson needed? 

Fatou / Léna B2 create original scenario & images for new series.

Lou Ann / Juliette / Joana B1 trailer of new season of under the dome.

Guillaume / Tuän / Maël B2 Create original scenario / images

Alicia / Manon / Morgan > B2 original scenario.


accent / vocabulary / pronunciation ?

plot ?


team spirit?

editor / film maker / script writer / producer / actors / music composer



GOT = Lou Ann / Marie Claudine / Anaïs / Marine

Imagine a world where there are dragons and dark magic.  King Targaryen has just died. Noble families who lived in peace will divide around the iron throne. 

Breaking Bad – Victor / Mennad

Featuring  Bryan Cranston as Walter White  and Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman.

Meet WW – a regular chemistry teacher in a high school who is also a caring father who will try everything for his family.

Meet Jessis Pinkman – a troubled kid who is dealing weed and who is one of White’s student.

After a terrible news …

Later on : par la suite

The Walking Dead – Enzo / Luca / Romeo

If your world was  infested with bloody zombies, what would you do?

Would you follow a group of strong-minded survivors or leave alone?

Strong-minded survivors are looking for a safe place. 

They travel around the country to survive. 

Julie / Imane / Sarah – the Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert is a teenager in Mystic Falls, she left her parents in a tragic accident.

Starring Paul Wesley as Stephen Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore and Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert. Later on she met the mysterious and sexy Salvatore’s brothers. That’s when she discovered their secret. From now on, her life will be different.

The 100 – Wilhem & Alice

97 years ago, an explosion killed everything on Earth. Now, there isn’t enough oxygen for people to live on the ARK. A hundred teenagers come back to Earth to save humanity ; it’s their sole mission.

Will they survive on Earth? Will they succeed?

teaser : court 20 sec trailer 1min 30.

Solène / Yacine / Jawed / Mathias

In a country where drug trafficking is the N°1  business Narcos traces the lives of smart narco traffickers, but most importantly, their powerful leader, Pablo Escobar.

It takes place in the state of Columbia. Pablo Escobar is the Medeline cartel leader. He is the most famous drug trafficker of the 80s.

DEA agents are hunting him. They are merciless.

– Tell about the plot but don’t spoil it!

– Use adjectives to urge your viewer to watch your series.

– write down catchphrases

– add some suspense with questions.




Making a Murderer

Test documents TO PRINT!

Test making a murderer test

Correct Making A Murderer


People, bingeing , tragic story ,murder , documentary ,mystery , Murderer – justice – sexual – characters – DNA – blood-  2003 , found key ,strange , 25 years ago , series , report , netflix , justice ,complex character’s , incredible conflict , mistake of justice (miscarriage of justice: erreur judiciaire)

  • Type of doc? Who is speaking?

News video about a new TV series ‘Making a Murderer + Tv series trailer and extracts from interviews, police records, archive, phone conversations, trial sessions ‘

presenter > man / voice over about the series > woman / people in the series : lawyers / police officers / steven and his family / witnesses / real people

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2ndes – Selfies

video study

Catching a daughter doing selfies on video

The girl takes pictures of herself. Her dad is filming her to mock her / to ridicule her / make fun of her / humiliate her / kick her ass* / tell her off. She must feel betrayed / humiliated . Maybe he wants her to question herself.

He wants to show that she is crazy. She takes too many selfies with duck faces or crazy faces. She looks ridiculous. It’s embarrassing! 

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