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Myths & Heroes : Take a Stand : The Road to Guantanamo

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lesson documents: guantanamo rc

Myths & Heroes- Take a stand!

Anonymous heroes > Everyone can be a hero.

How to become a hero > Take a stand! Become an activist!

Types of violence?

Verbal abuse > insults / rude words / humiliation

Physical abuse > sexual harassment on the tube / domestic violence

discrimination? Color of skin / physical appearance > racism

bullying at school / job > resume(CV) racial profiling

victims are sometimes immigrants / kids / old people / disabled people / gays & lesbians / the homeless / women

police officer sometimes use coercive power / intimidation / racial profiling

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LMA LVA War journalists & soldiers : Let’s debate!

Video study – Journalists killed in the line of duty

Journalists killed > David Bloom & Daniel Pearl

46 other journalists killed & 6 will be mentioned / interviewed

introduction of documentary on journalists killed while working / doing their job but we often forget their names

most of the times journalists do their job in dangerous places / set example / we have to talk about them / pay a tribute / remember them / they die to share the news / tell us the truth / to make us aware of the situation / like soldiers/ sometims they go too far / get kidnapped

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Micro TE / TL – Everyday heroes – Videos + Top 3

TOP 3 Most heroic!

3 American soldiers – on a train – In Belgium – stopped a guy from killing passengers (empêcher de tuer)

> saved many people – stopped a terrorist attack – trained soldiers (entraîné) – did their duty – risked their lives while they were on holiday. could have been killed if they didn’t do something

Wesley Autrey – jumped on train tracks (rails) to save a man – in front of his 2 daughters – in New York – subway

> split second decision – set an example – didn’t have to do it – acted alone – risked his life to save a stranger’s life.(la vie d’un inconnu)

Supergran – Ann Timson – 71 years old – stopped 6 robbers jewelry store – Northampton – motorbikes – no fame – no interviews

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TSTMG 4 September 5th Myths and Heroes 1

Lesson document: EVerydayheroes5:09


superman / hero / miracle / attack / captain / strong / power

  • GRammar POint !

what …? What happened?  What are we talking about?

Doc 2 – Subway Superman

Wesley Autrey saved an American guy in the subway in the US. I think it happened in 2005 but the date on YoutUbe is 2012.

Where..? Where did it happen ?

When …? When did it happen?

Who ..? Who did that ? Who did what?

why/how…? How did it happen? How did the rescue happen?

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LMA LVA 1L Wanted! American Gangsters Bonnie & Clyde Feb 12th

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie LMA 1L

  •  They called them … Public enemies

Crimes? Murders / violence / shootings / bank robberies

Ironically? They became folk heroes

Why did people admire them?

Because people were angry at banks / during the Great Depression so they liked B&C avenging them.

  • About Bonnie

    Birthday? 1910

    Birthplace? Texas

    How old when she met Clyde? Job? 19 / waitress

  •  About Clyde

    1909 – Texas

    Family ? Poor – 8 children

    Past experience? Prison for theft /

    Crimes? Stealing / theft

  • First murders… 2 policemen /

Where? on the side of the road / rural / countryside

after a robbery / drinking to celebrate / testing their weapons

How? Shoot them to test their weapons

Attitude? In cold blood / indifferent

  • Change in police methods…

Capture? Personal crusade / fire with fire > got heavier weapons

Where? In Louisiana / countryside

Strategy? Ambush (a bush : buisson) / waited for 3 days / they don’t want B&C to escape again / catch them – dead (rather than alive.)

  • For Hollywood…

directed many films adapted from their story / songs

like all gangsters stories / B&C are a source of inspiration / suspenseful / action-packed life / a good scenario / Love & Violence

Document 3 – Serge Gainsbourg ENglish version.

  • 1- Listen and complete with words you hear.

You’ve heard the 1- …story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and 2- …died ?
If you’re still in need of something to 3- …read
Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde

Now Bonnie and Clyde 4- …are the Barrow

5- …gang
I am sure you all heard and 6- …read / have read
How those who 7- …steal
Are usually found dying or 8- …dead

They call us cold-hearted 9- …killers
They say we were heartless and 10- …mean
But I say this with pride
That I once knew Clyde when he was 11- …honest
And upright and clean

But the 12- …laws fooled around
Kept taking him down and locking him up in a cell
‘Til he said to me: “I’ll never be 13- …free
So I’ll see a few of them in 14- …hell

If a policeman is 15- …killed in Dallas
And they have no clue or guide
If they can’t 16- …think or find
They just wipe their slate clean
And blame it on Bonnie and Clyde

If they try to act like 17- …citizens
And rent ourselves a nice little flat
About the third night
We’re invited to a 18- …fight by the
Sub gun’s rat tat tat

Some day they’ll go down 19- …together
They’ll bury us side by side
For few it will be grief for the law a relief
But it’s 20- …death for Bonnie and Clyde