Micro TES DST correction / War reporter vs soldiers

HW – Nassim : find examples of journalists / photographers who died / were kidnapped / defended a cause > check out Robert Capa / Magnum agency / Nachtwey / Lewis Hines

find ideas and arguments to write your essay / you can use the examples seen in class.

test correction

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What makes a hero ?

Are all heroes famous ?

Can everyone be a hero ?

Why do we know more heroes than heroines ?

Are soldiers more heroic than war journalists ?

Do you need to be dead to be a hero ?

Do heroes have to die for their cause ?

How do people become heroes ?

Are heroes needed today ?

Wesley Autrey

Are heroes needed today?

WHO? born on February 6th, 1956. / He is 59. / American

Nature of DOC? video report

  • article from the British newspaper ‘the Mirror’ Kingdom

To finish hero bac memo au propre

+ oral interview .mp3 sur votre problématique avec exemples des cours (noté si c’est bien! )

+ type bac LV2

http://www.franglish.fr/bac/met_techno_LV2_sept2015.pdfbac memo

1S7 – soldiers & war photographers

  • Brainstrom vocab
  • Teamwork Get organized
  • Use markers & linkwords to be coherent and convincing!


First soldiers risk their lives for the values of their homeland / fatherland (patrie) for example freedom of speech, girls education, or religious beliefs. They also follow political agendas for example geopolitical issues like control over oil or nuclear power in the Middle East or to gain more territories like Russian forces in Ukraine.

We can say it’s the same for journalists who risk their lives when they go to war zones where they could die to tell us the truth about the horros of war, they also fight for a vision.

But soldiers follow orders whereas / while journalists sometimes criticize the origin of wars and denounce governments’ political agendas.

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TSTMG4 – Soldiers vs War journalists

Opinion Markers

I agree with the fact that …. but I disagree with the fact that …

People believe that …. but I’m convinced that …….

In my country we ….

It’s true that …..

I’m sure that …

Let me explain …

In my opinion …


First …


What’s more …

That’s the reason why ….

As a consequence….

So …

Let’s clarify …

Then ….

On the contrary …

On the one hand … / On the other hand …

X … while / whereas Y …

In the end …

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TSTMG – Everyday Heroes – Malala by Brandon

Lesson QUiZ video correction

For me, Malala is a heroine because she fights for her opinion like some of my heroes like Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac… She was attacked by gangsters but she continues to fight for the girls in Pakistan. Yes, she’s a heroine like Captain Sully or Wesley Autrey. I think she’s powerful with her voice. She continues to make interviews in the UK. In the beginning she said her rights and she knows them. That’s a real Heroine.

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1ères S September 8th Q/A Team Challenge Everyday Heroes

WARNING! Miss Lecatre will be absent on Monday 14th ( attending official meeting on Teaching Methods and New Technologies DANE)  so do your homework for Tuesday 15th please!

Be ready to answer Q/A in teams on the videos. Complete your table with a pencil.  Learn your vocabulary!

Directions: Watch 3 videos

  • answer with your team on 3 videos
  • be ready for interactive team oral challenge with no notes
  • 1 student asks 1 question
  • others speak up
  • 1 student types notes on the computer

“How do you say.. in English ?”/ “What’s the English word for …? “

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