LMA / LVA 1ères L Grammar / Camel Book Mobile September 25th.

Spaces & Exchanges

Unit 1 – Going Away!

Ready to print! LVA sept 25th

LMA / LVA September 25th

  • Bits and Pieces – Grammar practice Jeff’s adventure

1- If I have a canoe, I will go by myself down the Amazon. / If I had … I would / could…

2- People / One / We should built an Internet café.. / An internet café should be built in the Amazon. (passive voice)

3- Eventhough Jeff says … he still has to see for himself.

4- Amazonian people are smarter than …

5- it doesn’t seem safe ..

6- Whenever I think of adventure, I think of the Amazon.

7- I would survive longer than …

8- … I would be bored …

9- the forest will never be destroyed …

10 – food made by ..

Maya would be bored without the Internet because she wouldn’t be able to watch movies, call your friends.

Tom would survive longer than the teacher in the wild because he looks stronger than her.

Domitille believes the Amazon rainforest will soon be destroyed because of deforestation and global warming.

  • The Camel Book Mobile – Reading Comprehension

Anticipate – What can you guess?

Both images show a camel so C. guesses it takes place in Africa ( in North Eastern Kenya.)

The camel carries books.

It’s about a camel book drive > mobile library for kids who don’t know how to read or write.

  • Pronunciation practice

turned – framed – examined – scanned – called – waved – discovered – learned – dive-bombed – feared – moved – poured – exposed – echoed

tucked – plopped

jolted –

living room – logically – nightmares – read – chaotic – unknown – knew – talker – hero – worthwhile – written – items – illiteracy – libraries – dangerous – appealing – Nai-robbery – Nairobi – different – idealistic – idealism – future


to convince so. not to do sthg

to prevent so. from doing sthg.

To make a dream come true: réaliser un rêve.

  • Questions


Fiona is a young woman in her twenties

who wants to go to Africa / to Kenya .

She is the main character. She is Irish and lives in New York.

She wants to go to Africa because she wants to take risks,

she wants to help teach people how to read and write,

fight illiteracy. For her ‘books are the future’,

a link with the ‘modern world’.

They’re trying to frighten her / warn her /

prevent her from going because it’s dangerous.

They think she’s showing off and remind her that she could

help in America too.

C- She admires her mother / looks up to her.

(look up to so. Regarder avec de l’admiration

# look down on so. Mépriser qq’un)

but she wouldn’t approve of Fi’s trip.

She wants to make a difference / change the world /

she wants to make the world a better place.

Homework – Imagine you are Fiona.

Write an email / letter to your friends / mum

to tell them about your adventure / project / obstacles / difficult …

10 lines

Dear …

I’m writing to tell you …

past tenses / preterit

Take care / come visit soon … / I miss you

1L1 Session 1 & 2 September 9th – 12th


Miss E. Lecatre



HW-for Friday send me an email / personal pic + personal info + 5 things you like / 5 things you hate

Speed dating

  • She likes listening to the same music as me.

  • Do you like listening to music?

  • How far from Paris / is Marolles / do you live?

Clara and Laurine can work as a team because they have many things in common.

They both enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

Mélanie, Eiréann, Sophie and Inès all want to work together.

Julia, Anaïs and Lauriane are friends so they want to stick together.

Images and notions.

tourist-privileges-big funny_amazing_interesting_weird_stuff_american-tourists_2009071613481954811-620x372 Jason_Lewis_kayaking_through_Indonesia 1249821-island_of_dr._moreau_v1_001 0144 growth from scripture Traveller confused by New York map


Fancy high-heeled shoes


scary island

map of the city


Spaces and Exchanges

move from one place to the next / meet new people

The Idea of Progress

life-changing experiences Erasmus / student exchange

/ charity work to make the world a better place

Places and Forms of Power /

language / colonization / slavery / British Empire / Colonies

We will be working on :

Myths and Heroes > videos / adventurers / images / texts / comics’ extracts …

Travelling – imagination – adventure


Activity 1 – Listen up!

Jeff’s adventure.

  • Placement / diagnosis

Methods / Levels

A2 – When? > dates / last year / next year / tomorrow…

Where? > names of places (countries / cities …)

Who? > names of people / jobs / role

B1 – What about? Why?

B2 – Implicit message / jokes / feelings / opinions / reactions


Type of doc : interview of a Canadian guy by an American guy.


His name is Jeff – went somewhere – can’t speak Spanish

not a regular tourist who just goes and sight sees but … Traveller?

Alone ?

Russian guy > spoke Spanish


South America / Amazon / Brazil / cities Lima , capital city of Peru / / he met a Russian traveller / dangerous /

HW Finish CO by email

Friday, September 12th.

An ad= une pub

a trailer: une bande annonce

a teaser : une bande annonce courte qui incite à aller voir le film.

HW-What kind of adventurer are you? Check your mail. Listen to Jeff audio again + learn new voc. Answer extract 2  questions

Prepare oral role play.

Student 1 – You’re one of the adventurers we saw today.

Student 2 – You’re a journalist.

Prepare a dialogue with 5 questions and 5 answers. You can use your imagination and personal experience. You must use 10 words from our lesson. Don’t write evthg > use a memo

Friday, September 12th. 

Session 2 -Watch and React!

What kind of adventurer are you?

Today’s menu!

1- Watch trailers to define our first notion > types of adventurers / travel experiences

What type of video doc can you identify?

Do you know / recognize any of the characters?

What can you say about each character?

Chris – courageous / strong-minded / determined / brave / fearless

A young man / guy left evthg behind him to go all the way to Alaska which is located in the North of America and Canada. ( extremely cold , but there are bears, moose, deers and wolves > wild species ).

He goes to Alaska by foot, he hitch hikes ( asks for a lift / ride ), by train.

He burns his official papers including money and ID card.

I think / I guess he wants a change in his life / to change his life / discover new people and landscapes.

Maybe he burns his papers because he doesn’t want to go back.

Maybe he’ll never come back home.

He doesn’t want to go back to live in a consumerist / individualistic / money-oriented society.

He’ a real  gung ho!

  • Bob – retired actor in Japan / doesn”t speak the language / meets a young American girl> luxury / urban travellers but they feel lost.