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Should we change schools?

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TSTMG drafts

In Germany the timetables are very light however they get better grades than us. So I truly think that we don’t have to work long hours to get good results.



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#2 Make the buzz!

Nous sommes heureux de vous inviter à présenter votre projet au 9ème forum des enseignants innovants! ”

We are in the competition!

Project due date : November 24th!!

What do we need to improve?


Rooom G1207 – preview rough takes & react !

Plus d’info sur projet Busy Bees – 2014-2015 http://www.cafepedagogique.net/lexpresso/Pages/2015/12/10122015Article635853288929552982.aspx


3 documents on GuNs in the US . Listen up, do the exercises or take notes and write everything you understand in French or English.

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A2 The Gun Debate – Mark debates whether guns should be legal. http://www.elllo.org/Audio/A0401/439-mike-guns.mp3

B1 – Gun Control
B2 – NPR Gun Control – The view from the NRA 

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2ndes Mini Debates

Opinion markers

On top of that … de plus

I agree / je suis d’accord

No way / Tu craques!

I disagree!! Je ne suis pas d’accord

You are wrong / tu as tort

I’m in two minds because… j’hésite

I totally agree with you !! tt à fait d’accord

What’s more… de plusIMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0889

Let me add that… j’ajouterai même que …

librarian: libraire

make you smarter: te rends plus intelligent

a trick: une arnaque

a trap: un piège

to be tricked : se faire arnaquer

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