Electric Dreams – The Hood Maker

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Short Story + reading questions here 


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ESPE Torcy Collaborative workshops

Choose 1 icon that represents your mood of the day!

Roll the dice!

What can you see?

What does it evoke?

Get organized to Create a story !

  • Characters
  • Actions
  • Places
  • Timemarkers

Post your story online!

Un atelier Freinet pour mieux comprendre comment :

  • Les enfants sont capables d’organisation dans des situations de jeu. Documents, objets ou éléments de pensée à manipuler et former librement de petits groupes de travail.
  • « La coopérative, c’est à la fois le bien commun, le lien du groupe, l’outil d’autogestion, le forum, l’école de la démocratie. Veiller à ce que tout se passe bien, à prendre des décisions qui ne peuvent être prises par les enfants, à accélérer un peu lorsque le débat s’enlise” voilà les missions du professeur.
  • Cela permet de faire travailler aux enfants, les textes libres, les illustrations, création artistique, décoration, dessin de grande échelle, performance orale ou théâtrale…Faire rentrer les activités d’art et de dessin libre à l’école.
  • Un engagement politique aussi, d’un instituteur qui accueille en 1937 des jeunes réfugiés espagnols, victimes de la guerre civile en Espagne.
  • « Il s’agit de laisser les enfants émettre leurs propres hypothèses, faire leurs propres découvertes, éventuellement constater et admettre leurs échecs mais aussi parvenir à de belles réussites dont ils peuvent se sentir les vrais auteurs. Les résultats ? Une motivation très forte, une implication immédiate de chaque enfant, qui acquiert ainsi confiance en lui et en ses possibilités de progresser par lui-même. L’intérêt réside aussi dans le fait qu’il est inutile d’apprendre par cœur quelque chose que l’on a découvert par le tâtonnement expérimental ; on s’en souvient sans effort. […]”

Les invariants Freinet qui font mouche:

  • Invariant 2 : Être plus grand ne signifie pas forcément être au-dessus des autres.
  • Invariant 5 : Nul n’aime s’aligner, parce que s’aligner, c’est obéir passivement à un ordre extérieur.
  • Invariant 10 bis : Tout individu veut réussir. L’échec est inhibiteur, destructeur de l’allant et de l’enthousiasme.
  • Invariant 27 : On prépare la démocratie de demain par la démocratie à l’École. Un régime autoritaire à l’École ne saurait être formateur de citoyens démocrates.

En savoir plus sur …

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Rap Song Final Project!

Lesson docs to print!


Each group will have to create a song stanza using the correct grammatical item and vocabulary as well as creating rhyming patterns.

1- Cut up 10 words you find powerful in the newspapers or in your notebooks.

2- Organize your words into different categories:

  • NOUNS (ex. money)
  • ADJECTIVES (ex. easy, happy, powerless…)
  • ADVERBS (ex. Easily, happily …)
  • VERBS ( think, write, read … )

3- Read each stanza corresponding to your team.

4- Select the words that best fit in the blanks. Find rhymes.

Discuss and decide.

5- Listen and decide which instrumental recording you want your song to be recorded with.

6- Read or sing out your stanza to see if it matches. Check with the class.
7- Be ready to record your song stanza in the multimedia lab.

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lesson doc full lyrics FINAL RAp



Lyrical patterns adapted from ​Mathematics​ by Yasiin Bey &

Ready or Not by The Fugees.






Youngbloods (jʌŋ blʌdz) mustn’t snitch

but they could (kʊd) shake up the world like Ali

1 for family,

2 for money

3 for dynasty (ˈdaɪ nə sti )

8 million stories to tell

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Click on the images to download lesson docs!

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Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.36.16

HW –

1- How does this story fit in ‘travel, exile, initiation’?

2- How does it compare or relate to Lord of the Flies and Robinson Crusoe?

3- How is reality mixed with fiction? What is the effect on the reader?

4- Does Chris correspond to your vision of a romantic hero? Why? Why not?

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Why do people migrate?

While watching the film

Note down the reason each person in the film gives for migrating

Note any new words

  1. Sajwaa
  2. Shakeeb
  3. Alain
  4. Ines
  5. Priyanga


Post you answers in a comment!

What is the difference between a migrant and a refugee? Explain in a comment!

Decide whether or not you will leave your home country, based on the news below. Explain why!

1- There has been on-going fighting between two groups in the community. Although fighting remains localized, there have been increasing outbreaks of violence in recent weeks. People are afraid and are staying indoors as much as possible. Some people have temporarily moved to other parts of the country to stay with family or friends.

2- In recent weeks the unrest seems to be under control and gradually more people are venturing outside. The marketplace last weekend was busier than it’s been for months. Some people who moved away are gradually returning home. However others feel the situation remains unsafe. Last night there was a large explosion in the capital and the causes of this are still unclear.

3- Fighting is becoming increasingly widespread. The army has been sent on to the streets to keep order. The authorities have advised civilians against going to certain parts of the country. Some hospitals and schools have closed down due to staff shortages, as doctors and teachers are moving away to other parts of the country where it is safer.

4- People living in our small farming village are facing increasing poverty. Economic instability as well as crop failure year after year has hit the community hard. Other than farming, there are very few jobs. Many young people are moving away to find jobs elsewhere. Several of the people who have found work aboard are writing home that they are making more money than they would at home.

5- The economy of the country is undergoing a prolonged downturn and many fear the situation will not improve in the short term. Basic goods are becoming increasingly expensive. The future looks bleak as many young people and skilled professionals move away in search of better fortunes elsewhere, often leaving behind young children and the elderly. Some people from the village who have found work abroad are sending money back and this is providing vital support to their families.

6- After months of hardship, the first signs of economic recovery are on the horizon. Where shops a few months ago were all closed in the main square, new businesses are appearing. Some people who made money aboard and have now returned home. They have invested in a new college, the graduates of which it is hoped will bring new life to the village.



W. Wells Brown’s autobiography.


Marie Jo

  • This text is about a slave escaping from the South who goes to Canada where slavery was abolished in 1834.


  • W. Wells Brown was born in 1814. For 12  or 15 days he stayed at his friend and recovered from a cold. He chose the same name as his Quaker friend. He travelled from Ohio to Cleveland and finally to Canada where he became a lecturer and a famous abolitionist.
  • In 1843 he joined the New York Anti-slavery society and in 1847 he published his autobiography thanks to which he stood up for African American’s rights to freedom.
  • He died in 1884.

William Wells Brown decide to honour his roots so he keeps his first name William but he adds the family name of his Quaker friend Wells Brown.

He was around 20 or 30 years old when he escaped.

He is adventurous, determined, fearless and bold.

His Quaker friend was helpful so he doesn’t hate white people.

Instead of criticizing White people, he stands up against slavery.

He writes his autobiography so that history doesn’t repeat itself.


Reacting / vocab by NourEddine, Imane & Camille 

  • to relate to = to echo / mirror: correspond to / avor des points communs avec 
  • a witness : un témoin / to witness : être témoin de 
  • to be free from … : être libre 
  • a testimony # testimonial # witness account 
  • to make people aware of sthg / to spread the word / share a message

Interpreting by Bilaly, Maël and Serge // Reacting by NourEddine, Imane & Camille 

We think William Wells Brown  has made the right decision to escape to Canada to be free. He understands he is free now but the situation is dangerous for him in America. So he tries to go to Canada because it is a country which supportS the abolition slavery . He doesn’t want to be caught so it ‘s dangerous. That’s why he hides at his Quaker friend . This is the first time he feels free but it seems strange for him because he still feels like he is a slave and he has to hide .

We can say that he changed his name because it is a slave’s name. Maybe he wants to change his past, or to protect himself from his slave-master. He needs a name to write his own story and enter History.