1S7 – Revisions > Writing

Method : arguments & essay writing

Ex. I strongly believe that war photoraphers are more heroic because even if they go to dangerous countries like soldiers they are alone and they can get kidnapped like some journalists from the New York Times in Libya.

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  • Define notion > personal perspective > documents

Use Linkwords!

First / so / then / that’s why / however …

“Well ok so the imaginary … To me the Imaginary belongs to our dreaming experience.

When we imagine things most of the times we are dreaming. But writers have access and take us to a world of imagination. Science Fiction is my favourite field because it allows me to escape from reality. Thanks to sci-fi stories we think about extraordinary and psychedelic experiences. For example this year we studied … watched a film which is called Inception directed by Christopher Nolan … “ Imaginary > #Dr Jekyll / (#The Yellow Wall Paper) / #Inception

How do sci-fi stories distort reality?

Plan your presentation in 2 parts

“So first I’ll mention Rosa Parks’ role in the Civil Rights Movement and then I’ll explain how victory can only be achieved through collective struggle with the example of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington.”

Conclude on what you’ve learned and how it helped redefine the notion.

“Finally we all believe the American Dream is a question of determination, success and freedom for all but in the end, it might be an American nightmare or just an illusion.”

VOCABULARY – Imaginary

  • to read / to write / to show / how / readers / writers
  • to imagine / to think / to create/ to dream / to travel / to fantasize/ to realize / to make your dreams come true / to embody / to feature / illustrate
  • imagination / dream / thoughts / mind / fiction / reality / fear / abstraction / hopes / inner fears

to be scared / to be frightened / to be scary / unreal / far away from reality / on your own / lonely / free / captivating / stuck / crazy / non sense / absurd / focused / mad / insane / illogical / extraordinary / boring / imaginary / mysterious / suspenseful / dark / light / ambivalent / psychedelic / split / ambiguous

    • Farid
  • Progress LVA Alan TURING

> find an article about Progress in the field of science // back ward move in terms of discrimination & anti-gay feelings.

2 documents on progress

Rosa Parks

Malcolm X

personal doc?

  • Myths & Heroes American Dream?

Us Patriotism / Guantanamo / Death Penalty

means protests / speech or boycott

ordinary woman / teacher /

‘anonymous’ unexpected heroine vs Malcolm X

how Black heroes lived through people’s minds / history

How heroes of the Black cause were created?

The power of the media in the making of heroes?

  • Imaginary > #Fahrenheit 451 / # 1984 / #?

? > # / # Lord of the Flies / # ?

  • Nadège

Myths and Heroes

refugees / struggle through natural disasters / fighting the odds


personal doc

Picture of a woman after the earthquake in Haiti

anonymous heroes / real-life heroes

9/11 fire fighters


  • Colette
  • Myths & Heroes

    anonymous heroes?

  • Spaces & Exchanges

travel experiences

pers. doc – Afghanistan

Gertrude Bell > Irak

Shackleton > Antarctica

Livingstone > Africa

3 types of adventurers / discoverers > political agenda

How Europeans envision the ‘new world’ ?

> explorations for Western Europeans

somewhere between colonization and personal pleasure (tourism) ?

  • The Imaginary > # 1984 # Dr Jekyll # ? / Travel > # Dr Moreau / # Lord of the Flies / # ?
  • Travel > # Stevenson / # Robinson Crusoe / # ?
  • Linda
  • Myths & Heroes

Rosa Parks / Whiteys on the Moon Gill Scott Heron

Africans Americans for Barack Obama video

extract from Obama’s biography

What message was formulated around the fight for equal rights?

  • Idea of Progress

African American identity in Photography

social progress / scientific progress

  • Characters / Avatars > # Dorian Gray # Dracula # Nosferatu?
  • Travel > # Dr Moreau # Shutter Island # ?


  • Idea of Progress

Battle for school integration

Franklin McCain past / today ?

How have things changed for Black people?

At what cost? Slow / racism still exists / but hopeful things (Obama)

Trial / decision today

  • Civil Rights Act 1964 // 50 years anniversary of CR movement
  • Black History Month
  • Doc pers. Angela Davis
  • Myths & Heroes

Nelson Mandela


American Dream? Thanksgiving?

Folk legends / monsters

Loch Ness > Folk legends in Scotland

Lord of the Rings > poetry of the lakes / heroic fantasy / Game Of Thrones

Arthurian Legends / Lancelot > Monthy Pythons ‘The Quest of the Holy Graal’ / Black Adder

Fairies / Elves

Literature ?

  • Keira


  • Travel

Robinson Crusoe

  • The imaginary
  • Spaces & Exchanges


  • Myths & Heroes

Nelson Mandela



January, 9th.

Shooting in French Newspaper

Tonight Breaking News story in France: a shooting in Central Paris at the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. These are live pictures you’re watching there now from the French Channel. The prosecutor‘s office has confirmed that at least 10 people are dead. There are also reports that at least 3 policemen have been injured. Witnesses say two masked gunmen entered the building armed with Kalachnikov rifles, employee of the magazine reportedly called  French media too as it was happening saying ‘it’s a massacre, there are dead” before being disconnected. We also understand that the French President François Hollande is said to be heading to the scene right now. The offices of Charlie Hebdo had previously been fire bombed for printing controversial images of the prophet Muhamad while one of it’s latest tweets was a cartoon of the Islamic state leader. We’ll bring you more updates on this breaking news story of course as we get them.

yellow: A2  écoute 1 / Blue : B1 / Red : B2 / C1

Central Paris > Charlie Hebdo > building
10 people > dead
2 masked men > Kalashnikov
3 police officers > dead
cartoonists > prophet / islamic

disconnected ?

3ème écoute

Fire bombed?
Français derrière > envoyé spécial // live coverage > image sretransmise quasi en direct

10 people dead
3 people injured
Employee called before being disconnected
previously bombed > fire Charlie Hebdo headquarters has been bombed already / in the past
latest tweet cartoon islamic state leader

French transcript – Correct version

Nous écoutons un extrait dejournal télévisé, présenté par un homme mais on entend aussi des voix françaises en fond. Il s’agit d’une exclusivité et d’images en direct de la fusillade dans les bureaux du journal satirique Charlie Hebdo au coeur de Paris récemment.

Le journaliste insiste sur les détails connus des médias pour l’instant. Les images sont des images en direct des chaînes françaises. Le procureur général confirme la mort d’au moins 10 personnes et d’autre sources révèlent que trois autres sont blessées. Des témoins disent avoir vu entrer 2 hommes masqués et armés de fusil Kalashnikov entrer dans les bureaux.

Un employé du magazine aurait appelé les médias et dit ‘c’est un massacre, il ya des morts” avant que la connexion ne se perde. Nous apprenons aussi que le Président français François Hollande se rend sur la scène de la fusillade en ce moment même.

Les bureaux de Charlie Hebdo avaient déjà été pris pour cible car le journal avait publié des images controversées du Prohète Mohamed. Un des derniers tweet du journal montrait une caricature du chef d’état islamique.

Le présentateur nous informe de mises à jour sur l’affaire à venir très prochainement.

Media vocabulary:

  • a news : une info
  • a breaking news: dernière nouvelle
  • a report: un compte rendu
  • media coverage: couverture médiatique / médiatisation
  • live from: en direct de
  • a TV channel une chaîne de TV
  • an update: mise à jour
  • a cartoon: un dessin de presse
  • a cartoonist: un dessinateur
  • to draw: dessiner mais aussi to draw a weapon: dégainer une arme

Violence vocabulary:

  • a shooting: une fusillade
  • to target / to aim: viser
  • an assault weapon: arme d’assault
  • a handgun / a rifle: un revolver / un fusil
  • a rocket launcher: un lance rocket / a machine gun: une mitraillette
  • a rampage: un carnage
  • to shoot – shot – shot: tuer par balle
  • to be killed: être tué
  • to be dead: être mort
  • to die: mourir
  • death: la mort
  • to be injured: être blessé
  • a witness: un témoin
  • to bomb: faire exploser

CO 1 COmethods

Dr. Mark’s Minute – Does Food Advertising Cause Childhood Obesity?

How do we protect our kids in today’s environment from all the junk food advertising?

If you spoke to your kids before every meal every day about healthy eating, you just could not compete with the onslaught of coercive messaging from the food industry. A Yale study found that kids who watched food ads ate 50% more of the snacks placed in front of them during the ad, during the watching of their TV time.

The visual stimuli from watching stuff on TV actually triggers the brain to eat more. Snacking which is actually an American invention is seen as fun, exciting, and ultimately a source of happiness, which is far from that! Dr Kenny Brunel and his group from the Yale Centre For Food Policy and Obesity published data showing that the breakfast cereals with the worst nutritional value had the most advertising. You know we’ve stopped Joe Camel, we also need to stop this type of marketing! It’s unfair at its best and drug dealing at worse!

  • Child sg. > children pl.>> childhood: l’enfance

  • To protect so. from: protéger qq’un de
  • junk food: la mal bouffe
  • advertising: la publicité
  • an ad / advertisement: un spot publicitaire / une pub
  • before # after : avant # après
  • a meal : un repas # a dish : un plat # a plate: une assiette (breakfast / lunch / (4 O’Clock snack) / dinner)
  • healthy # unhealthy : équillibré / sain # malsain / mauvais pour la santé
  • compete with: faire le poid face
  • coercive / powerful = puissant / influent
  • a snack: un encas / petit casse croûte
  • a study: une étude
  • to watch TV: regarder la Télé
  • stuff: thing
  • to trigger / to urge : provoquer
  • brain: cerveau
  • actually: en réalité
  • happy > happiness: le bonheur
  • far from: loin de
  • obesity: obésité
  • to publish: publier
  • data: des données
  • to show: montrer
  • nutritional value: valeur nutritionelle
  • fair # unfair: juste # injuste
  • best # worst




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