Class rules and Tips to succeed !

Watch the short film and remind each minions what rule they SHOULD / MUST / HAVE T0 follow !

Watch a scene from the film School of Rock by Richard Linklater, 2003.

  • What rules does Mr Finn break?
  • You are the kids parents, you call the Dean’s office to remind Mr Finn that he must follow the rules!
  • HW – Imagine the phone call.

Watch a scene from the film Detachment by Tony Kaye, 2012.

  • Look at the film poster, what happened?
  • What rules do the students break in the video?
  • HW – You are Mr Barthes & his student, imagine what they say. 


EXTRA video to get gold stars !!

Find 4 new rules!

Class documents!


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1S5 Get Ready for your Debate!


  • State your name and who you represent before you speak!

(“Mathieu as John Gaskin, spokesman for the NAACP”)

  • Speak in turns! Don’t interrupt or if you do, do it respectfully!

(“Excuse, can I say a word please?”)

  • Speak English only!

(What’s the English word for? …)


Lesley McSpadden ( MB’s mother)

John Gaskin (NAACP Spokesman)

Jonathan Gentry ( Minister of Faith, angry member of the Black community)

Dorian Johnson ( MB’s friend and firsthand eyewitness)

Ricky Stevenson ( Talk show hostess and supporter of Mike Brown)

Jake Tapper (CNN journalist live reporter )

Eric Bollin ( Fox journalist, racist)

KKK anonymous (# Chimpout)

Barack Obama ( tries to calm the situation down and supports Brown’s family)

Pharell Williams ( excessive force but MK should have obeyed the police officer)

To Be Created…

Social Media representative ( defends freedom of speech)

The Grand Jury ( members in favour or against Darren Wilson)

Demonstrator ( peaceful or angry, White or Black)

Michael Brown ( tells his own version)

Journalists (ask ‘booster’ questions’)


  • Is Darren Wilson guilty or innocent? Should he be arrested?
  • Was Michael Brown killed because he was Black?
  • Is Michael Brown’s shooting a racist act?
  • Is Ferguson a ‘racial’ event?
  • Is racism still an issue in the US today?


  • Was it self-defense?
  • Is Darren Wilson’s reaction justified?
  • Is Darren Wilson a liar? Did he tell the truth?
  • Should Darren Wilson be in jail?
  • Did Michael Brown do something wrong? Is he a criminal?
  • Did he try to take DW’s gun? Was he armed?
  • Why did he shoot him in the head? Why not in the legs or arm?
  • Is Black people’s reaction right? Justified?
  • Is looting right or wrong?


  • Was he killed because of what he did or because of what he looked like?
  • Can we prevent racial profiling in police work?
  • If Darren Wilson is murderer, why didn’t the Grand Jury indict him?
  • How can Darren Wilson be considered innocent?
  • Would you have killed Michael Brown if you had been Darren Wilson?
  • If Darren Wilson was Black, would Michael Brown still be alive?

Tricky & Off-topic

  • Should heavy weapons be allowed for policemen?
  • Should citizens be allowed to carry guns?
  • Is Ferguson a dangerous city?
  • Did the media focus on the violent reactions to fuel the controversy?
  • Can we allow racial profiling in police work?


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