Detachment ?

Lesson Questions

Give me adjectives! React / correct! How do you feel # how does it feel # what does it feel like to be back??

depressed / excited / bored / tired



  • Watch 5 seconds of film scene / reflect on notion? feelings? What’s next? Guess.

6 teams:

  • What’s going on?
  • Who / How do they react?
  • Do you agree with the reactions?
  • What should they do to improve the situation?
  • Who do you identify with? Why?
  • What will happen next?

Students’ drawings!

Drawings by TSTMG 1


Drawings by 1S3 grpA


Drawings by TS2&3



HW finish & prepare questions / be ready to complete drawing + compare with class.




4 thoughts on “Detachment ?

  1. Is ‘detachment’ a good teaching attitude? Why? Why not?
    Can you find similarities between the characters? Differences? How do you express differences and similarities in English? Be ready for pairwork!


  2. BAC Notions: POWER ( teacher vs students / feelings / conflicts?) / EXCHANGES ( to share ideas – knowledge?-)/ PROGRESS (to be successful / work hard / evolve / be better ?) / HEROES
    detached > detachment / indifference / coldness
    he doesn’t care / he keeps his distance
    not affected
    3 students: Tyron / Meredith / Marcus
    by 1S3 Grp A


  3. Mr Barthes works with difficult students, he tries to stay calm in front of the class but 2 students provoke him / try to intimidate him. by TSTMG1

    He feels 🙂 stressed before he enters the class but then he is proud 😕 . 2 students are angry :/ and rude :). by TSTMG1


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