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2ndes UNit 1 – You’ve Got Talent! Sept 30th + Memo

Tuesday, September 30th.

HW Correction

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1- This text is negative, it criticizes reality TV.

There is a lot of negative adjectives ( calculating, manipulative … ).

The author says ‘ It’s time to tune out’. He wants people to stop watching Reality TV shows.

The text comes from / was published by the Winnipeg Free Press.

It deals with the show called ‘Survivor’.

The contestants are cast away on a desert island and they have to survive.

They evict / vote off other contestants, they create alliances

and they have to be the last one standing.

Koh Lanta was inspired by Survivor.


-ous : suffix forming adjectives >  having, full of, or characterized by.

devious – duplicitous: sournois / fourbe

ambitious : ambitieux

-ing : forming participial adjectives: a growing boy; a sinking ship

threatening : menaçant

conniving: complice / calculateur

– ed : possessing or having the characteristics of

skilled : experimenté / qualifié

strong-minded: determiné

– less (sans) # – ful (plein de)

ruthless: impitoyable / sans pitié

deceitful: déloyal / malhonnête (deceit: tromperie)

– able :

likable: aimable

1. capable of, suitable for : enjoyable; pitiable; readable; separable; washable.
2. inclined to; given to; able to; causing: comfortable; reasonable; variable.

other adjectives:

new: nouveau

current: actuel

prime-time : noun used as an adjective to qualify television.

REVISE Comparative / Superlative HERE!

The Amazing Race Canada

I guess Pékin Express was inspired by The Amazing Race Canada.

This game is a competitive race.

The contestants have to be the fastest / quickest and race around Canada.

They might see the Niagara falls, Vancouver, Ontario, Québec, the snow …

The race starts in the Horseshoe Falls, there are 9 teams.

9 teams of 2 contestants, the contestants know each other ( friends/ family ).

They have an existing relationship.


Reality TV shows vocab

In the news: orphans / refugees / Middle East

in Reality TV: clashes / attractive people / mind-numbing situations / scripted drama / fall in the mud  / to compete / to evict / to be evicted / to be cut off from the outside world / to win a prize / to want to be rich and famous / a recording contract / a singing competition / a cooking competition

Feelings of the viewers: disappointed by  / bored with / addicted to / to approve of / to agree / to disagree / to fail / to enjoy

Linkwords : while / whereas / instead of + ing

Cartoon description vocabulary: it shows / it implies / it criticizes / it caricatures

Opinion Markers : I truly believe that / This is non sense! / No way! / You’re crazy ! / This doesn’t make any sense! / You’re absolutely right! / On one hand … but on the other hand … / Are you serious? / Wait a minute … /  I totally agree agree with you! / I disagree …


Teenagers in favour : it’s entertaining / relaxing / when you watch Reality TV shows, time flies! / you have something to talk about with your friends / you are in the know

Parents against: it’s mind-numbing / it brainwashes us / it’s not interesting at all / nothing actually happens for real / it’s scripted drama / the contestants are stupid and shallow / you should watch the news instead!

Teachers in two minds : it’s good language practice / you discover different accents and authentic vocabulary / it’s controversial so it’s good debate practice / it’s a current cultural phenomenon …

2014-09-26 11.34.31  2014-09-26 11.34.41 2014-09-26 11.34.53

1S5 / 1ES1 UNIT 1 – It’s an Ad world! Vocab memo

Basic vocab seen so far …

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 21.18.55

an ad: une pub (papier)

a commercial : une pub télé

advertising: la publicité en général

an awareness campaign: une campagne de prise de conscience

to buy / to purchase: acheter

to sell: vendre

to spend money on: dépenser de l’argent dans qqchose

to afford: se permettre

a customer: un client (supermarché)

a consumer: un consommateur

a consumer society: une société de consommation

consumption: la consommation

to target so: viser / cibler qq’un

to be the target of / to be targeted by: être la cible de

to aim at + Ving: viser à faire qqch

to urge so. to do sthg: pousser qq’un à faire qqchose

to want so. to do sthg: vouloir que qq’un fasse qqchose

a brand: une marque

effective / impressive / persuasive / compelling

intriguing / eye-catching / mind-blowing / thought-provoking

to appeal to: plaire à

to warn so about sthg / of the dangers of sthg: prévenir qq’un de / des dangers de

to take care of so: prendre soin de qq’un

on the Internet: sur internet

to be addicted to: être dépendant de

to be careful with: faire attention à

emotional / logical / ethical appeal: le charme des émotions / de la logique / de l’éthique

trust: confiance

need: le besoin

pleasure: le plaisir

desire: le désire

Here are some more vocabulary and exercises…