Vampires over time

Lesson plan & documents Vampires over time instructions : answers

Watch the videos and answer the questions:

  • Which vampire scene do you find the scariest? Why? ( Comment using camera angles, actor’s performance, music, setting …)
  • Which vampire do you find the most charming? Why?
  • What is your favourite scene? Why?
  • Can you name 2 key elements of the setting that are used in most vampire scenes. What vampire feature do they reinforce? ( Power, animal side, human side, sex appeal…?)

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The Raven – Simpsons style!


Lesson documents to print here !

1- Watch and react. What makes this episode different from other Simpson’s episodes?

2- What Gothic elements can you find?

3- Reorder the images and tell the story. Use Time Markers ( First ./ Then / After that / … In the end)

4- Read extracts from the original poem by Poe. How is this poem different from a traditional poem?

Close analysis of the poem – lesson directions here !



First … then … after that … that’s when … suddenly … in the end ..




The Gothic Genre – Beyond clichés…


THe decrepit house is a state of being  > a metaphor of the charater’s soul > an echo of the writer’s state of mind > and a mirror image if the reader’s state of being.

The haunted castle ( a place / a character’s personality )  is a pathetic fallacy as it embodies a state of mind that the reader can identify with.

What are the main features of the Gothic genre?

Why is Frankenstein the archetype of the Gothic monster?

What does it reveal about the main concerns of the era it was written in ?

What makes it a timeless story?

Who does Vincent think he is?

Compared to Vampire scenes we watch, what elements have become laughable, why?


Who is Lenore?

Do you think the narrator has lost his mind? Why

What literary techniques are used in the poem?

What is the effect on the reader / listener?

What does the Raven stand for?

Why does the Raven repeats NEVERMORE?



What clichés can you spot?

What does it reveal about the Gothic Genre?

BLACK MIRROR! S3E4 San Junipero

What did you notice about the music?

What did you notice about the time frame?

Why do you think she can not break the mirror?

  • Would you like to be one of the girls? Which one? Why? 

Make suggestions!


So in the end, what does she mean by ‘I’m ready for the rest of this” ?

How did you feel watching this episode? Why?

What would you have decided if you had been in her shoes?