Sci-Fi Film trailers Lab Session

Which film would you like to watch? Why?

Post your comments!

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Lesson docs to print here Sci Fi Multimedia Lab Session 


  • In my opinion…
  • Personally, I think…
  • I believe that…
  • What I mean is…

We use these words and phrases to agree with someone else’s point of view:

  • Of course.
  • You’re absolutely right.
  • Yes, I agree.
  • I think so too.
  • That’s a good point.
  • That’s true.
  • I agree with you entirely.

We use these words and phrases to disagree with someone else’s point of view:

  • That’s different.
  • I don’t agree with you.
  • However…
  • That’s not entirely true.
  • On the contrary…
  • I’m sorry to disagree with you, but…
  • Yes, but don’t you think…

Useful Adjectives for Describing Movies

  • Here is a list of vocabulary that reviewers often use when describing movies.
  • I have divided them into three categories: positive, negative, and neutral.
  • Note that depending on the combination of words used, they may change from neutral to positive or negative.


first-rate insightful clever
charming comical charismatic
enjoyable uproarious original
tender hilarious absorbing
sensitive riveting intriguing
powerful fascinating pleasant
surprising dazzling thought provoking
imaginative legendary unpretentious


second-rate violent moronic
third-rate flawed juvenile
boring distasteful ordinary
disgusting senseless static
brutal confused disappointing
bloody silly tired
predictable stupid uninteresting
weak incredibly tiresome trite
uneven cliché ridden outdated
dreadful bland


suspenseful low-budget dramatic
highly-charged sentimental fantasy
slow romantic satirical
fast-moving oddball picaresque
big-budget wacky

29 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Film trailers Lab Session

  1. I have seen I Robots and I can recommend it because the film is pleasant anD fascinating because THERE are crimes, suspense and a little violence.
    That’s why I recommend it to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Minority Report is the KIND OF movie that I would like to watch because in the trailer there are so MANY actions and there is Tom CruIse a famous actor !!!!


  3. I have seen I Robot. I can recommend it because it’s very interesting. Thanks to this movie We understand the future and robots better .
    Personally I have liked this movie because we see that a robot can have feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have seen I robot.
    So I can recommend it because the movie is really futuristIC.
    The robot killed human people and wantS TO control the world.
    The MAIN CHARACTER is Will Smith.
    There is A LOT OF action > IT IS ACTION-PACKED !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t like Science Fiction movies EITHER… It’s not my cup of tea ! Whereas I love action movies but the love stories all so good !
      I like action movies but I also like love stories!


    • It’s the same for me, I’m not really into SCi-fi movieS so I think Her would be a great movie. Wha’t s more the trailer talks about aN impossible love between a human and a computer and I find it really interesting.


    • I don’t like iRobot because it’s a sci-fi movie and a don’t like this.
      I don’t like the image for the future in this film because
      we do not see in the future so we can not know what it looks like in the future.


  5. I have seen Matrix. So I can recommend it because it’s a fascinating movie , it talkS about a man who HAS power of the matrix, he can travel in the past and the future and he can stop the time.


  6. I would like TO see I Robot because the film looks interesting because I tkink the world in a few years COULD LOOK like this: there WILL always BE humans but we WILL live in cohabitation with robots.
    More I really like Will Smith and I really like the film he playS IN.


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