1L LELE – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Holiday homework!


Transformation scene

Please read the full story below!


  • EASY reading + audio :
  • Easy Reading without audio / with follow up uestions and answer keys

level 3 – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Penguin Readers(1)

  • Original version + audio


  • Bilingual paperback edition recommended


Videos transformation scenes to watch!



Watch the transformation scenes and answer the following questions:

1/ What is your favourite scene ? Why?

2/ What is your least favourite scene? why?

3/ For the 2 scenes you have selected in question 1 and 2 : How does the transformation happen? (Where? When? How? )

4/ What camera angles strikes you as scary? Why?

5/ Whose point of view is the scene seen from? Justify?


1L LELE – The Transformation scene!

Documents to print here : Transformation scene

Zoom on the texts – corrections

  • In your opinion, which extract is the scariest? Why?

Elsa’s team Adel Elsa Alice Mélanie : Second extract because he says I had no conscient, I was evil he knows, he’s a monster.

Océane’s team:

extract 1 > in Lanyon’s head / he doesn’t know what’s happeng > we have access to his thoughts / we feel like him / we are scared too.

>> internal point of view / access to a viewer’s mind.

>> mise en abime

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