Micro TES DST correction / War reporter vs soldiers

HW – Nassim : find examples of journalists / photographers who died / were kidnapped / defended a cause > check out Robert Capa / Magnum agency / Nachtwey / Lewis Hines

find ideas and arguments to write your essay / you can use the examples seen in class.

test correction

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MIcro – TES / TL / 1L HEROES Holiday homework !

Choose what you want to do and download the .pdf file.

Send me your work by email at beeoclock@gmail.com or hand it to me on November 3rd.

If you need any help, click on REPLY to this blog post and post your question. I will answer as soon as possible.

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LMA LVA War journalists & soldiers : Let’s debate!

Video study – Journalists killed in the line of duty

Journalists killed > David Bloom & Daniel Pearl

46 other journalists killed & 6 will be mentioned / interviewed

introduction of documentary on journalists killed while working / doing their job but we often forget their names

most of the times journalists do their job in dangerous places / set example / we have to talk about them / pay a tribute / remember them / they die to share the news / tell us the truth / to make us aware of the situation / like soldiers/ sometims they go too far / get kidnapped

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