1L LELE – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Holiday homework!


Transformation scene

Please read the full story below!


  • EASY reading + audio :
  • Easy Reading without audio / with follow up uestions and answer keys

level 3 – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Penguin Readers(1)

  • Original version + audio


  • Bilingual paperback edition recommended


Videos transformation scenes to watch!



Watch the transformation scenes and answer the following questions:

1/ What is your favourite scene ? Why?

2/ What is your least favourite scene? why?

3/ For the 2 scenes you have selected in question 1 and 2 : How does the transformation happen? (Where? When? How? )

4/ What camera angles strikes you as scary? Why?

5/ Whose point of view is the scene seen from? Justify?


HW 2ndes arguments

  • no regulations / free
  • EX. Dog sharing> no time / dog needs people around
  • just need to sign up for free / instead of (au lieu de ) paying / dogsitter or kennel
  • smart idea for people with busy lives & tight budget
  • to do more for less & enjoy social aspect

HW finish paragraph in favour of sharing economy

EX. Becoming a dogsitter is a great idea because it has no regulations and no middlemen, so you feel more free.
Pets need people around them and when their masters are not with them, they need people to take care of them. So to become a dogwalker you just need to post an ad online and you will be paid . So it’s great, you should do it!
Clément corrected by Miss E.

1S7 Vicki Soto Chronology correction + HW documents


Time markers:

  • First: Tout d’abord
  • Then: puis
  • In the end: enfin
  • that’s when : c’est à ce moment là que
  • suddenly : soudain
  • all of a sudden : tt à coup
  • after that …: ensuite
  • while + ing , … + preterit : action longue interrompue

Opposition markers

  • Unfortunately # fortunately : heureusement / malheureusement
  • x…, whereas Y … : tandis que
    While Y …, X … : tandis que

HW for Monday 12th: TO DO ‘Read & Explain’ / To Prepare ‘Your Task’

Bonus : Write an email (by email to beeoclock@gmail.com or on a separate paper.)

Documents to print at the end of this post!

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