LMA LVA – Myths & Heroes – Everyday Heroes!

Lesson plan:

  • define ‘hero’ > focus on everyday heroes / compare and contrast / react
  • video study method
  • wh-questions
  • interaction and reading comprehension
  • hero vocabulary.

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1ères S September 8th Q/A Team Challenge Everyday Heroes

WARNING! Miss Lecatre will be absent on Monday 14th ( attending official meeting on Teaching Methods and New Technologies DANE)  so do your homework for Tuesday 15th please!

Be ready to answer Q/A in teams on the videos. Complete your table with a pencil.  Learn your vocabulary!

Directions: Watch 3 videos

  • answer with your team on 3 videos
  • be ready for interactive team oral challenge with no notes
  • 1 student asks 1 question
  • others speak up
  • 1 student types notes on the computer

“How do you say.. in English ?”/ “What’s the English word for …? “

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