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Detachment – Act out!

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TEACHER – Mr Barthes
​How does he feel?
​He seems disgusted
he introduces himself to the class
first day of school/  in the morning
​the class looks loud and messy 
​stays calm / looks confident but stressed
He seemsfair / he sets up rules
​she is humiliated/ she is bullied/
​Marcus calls her names / swears at her / tells her she is fat/ he makes fun of her
she must feelsad
  • ​bullying: harcèlement
  • ​to bully: harceler
  • ​to be a bully : être un harceleur
  • ​to be bullied : to be the victim

​​He makes fun of the girl / he laughs at her
​He gets kicked out / the teacher kicks him out / asks him to leave / he is expelled from class
​he is agitated / looks for trouble / he is in trouble / he looks like a bad /mean / rude boy
​he looks satisfied / proud of what he does/
  • to seem + adj / to look + adj: avoir l’air / sembler
  • # to look like + N : avoir l’air de qqchose.

​He gets angry/ blows a joint / a fuse // he loses his temper 

He trashes the teacher’s bag against the wall / throws it aggressively

​He looks like a gangster / he is wearing baggy trousers and durag like 50Cents.

He is as tall as the teacher and he tries to humiliate him / scare him /

he wants to be a thug / he intimidates his teacher