Writing Skills Practice


  1. “Appearances are sometimes deceptive. (trompeuses) ” Discuss. (300 words)
  2. “To what extent does globalization transcend culture? (300 words)
  3. How do words and/or images shape our memories of historical events? Give examples. (200 mots minimum)
  4. Have you ever felt out of place? Talk about the circumstances and say how you managed to integrate.
  5. Write an article for your high school newspaper presenting a project which could motivate students to work together.
  6. Is it a mistake to follow the herd?



7 thoughts on “Writing Skills Practice

  1. Have you ever felt out of place? Talk about the circumstances and say how you managed to integrate.
    For instance, and i do believe it happens a lot nowadays , when your with some friends who are debating on series that you don’t know. The worst part of it, is whenever you try to take part in the conversation and the only answer you get is ” you didn’t saw it ?” with a stunned face. For sure you can add this obviously judgmental question to looks which abolutly mean that the whole group is making fun of you.

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  2. “To what extent does globalization transcend culture? (300 words)
    First, let me define the notion of globalization: the globalization is, for me, the set of exchanges and trade between countries in the world.
    That’s why, we can say that globalization transcendS culture because cultures are mixed, THANKS TO exchanges and trips. YET some cultures are not too affected by globalization SINCE / AS their countries don’t exchange a lot. So, to what extent does globalization transcend culture?

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  3. “Appearances are sometimes deceptive. (trompeuses) ” Discuss. (300 words):

    More people judge others before knowING his personality. Indeed, imagine we look at a well dressed person, the majority of people will conclude that he / she is a great or rich person. But in fact, it’s possible that this person is very poor or a criminal. So sometimes, appearances can be deceptive.
    But appearances can inform about the person. Indeed, for exAmple, if we see a person with dark circles around the eyes, we can conclude this person is tired or didn’t sleep the night before.

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  4. Have you ever felt out of place? Talk about the circumstances and say how you managed to integrate.

    Let me explain what feeling out of place is, it is to feel UNcomfortable with some people, in a precise situation, when sometimes you feel like you shouldn’t be THERE right now.
    That is why I can wonder to what extent I have ever felt out of place.
    On the one hand, I will explain the situation when I felt out of place and on the other hand, I will show how I managed to integrate.

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  5. Let me define what appeareance means. Appearance is the first impression that a PERSON shows you whenever you don’t know him or her yet it can be a deceptive APPEARANCE on one hand or a true impression on the other.
    That is why one can wonder to what exteNt decEptive appearanceS could be negative?
    One the one hand I will explain that in some caseS A MISLEADING appearance can be painful. On the other the other hand I will show HOW IT CAN BE can be an advantage.

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  6. Firstly, followING // TO FOLLOW the herd is essential TO change a laborious situation / TO GET OUT OF TROUBLE.
    Indeed , to my mind there are situations WHICH CAN’T BE SOLVED by only one person. / WHERE only one person CAN NOT SOLVE the PROBLEM. Moreover History gave very interesting examples . For instance, in the United States of AmErica there was Segregation . Thus…………

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  7. “Appearances are sometimes deceptive. (trompeuses) ” Discuss. (300 words
    The first appearance > What we see at first sight is very important, it’s the first thing we see in the person. A great appearance allows aN easier contact.

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