Starshiptroopers – junk or brilliant!


7 thoughts on “Starshiptroopers – junk or brilliant!

  1. I think it’s a geat film but at some point slow and boring because it was too long, it was a lbit comic and the visual effects were great but / THOUGH horrible to watch!

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  2. Starship troopers a movie directed by Verhoven was very funny because the movie can be seen like a caricature.The special effects were atrocious that’s why we find it very hilarious

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  3. This Sci-fi film was DIRECTED by Verhoeven. It speakS about a story between 3 friends who want to JOIN the army. They will be separateD but they’LL all fight insects. Inspite of love stories and warfare they END UP together.

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  4. It’s a fictional film SET IN a horrible world I think it’s far-fetched. There IS a lot of violence but though the visual effects WERE terrible, I liked the story AS (car) we CAN SEE HOW OUR future WILL BE / MIGHT BE LIKE. I also LIKED HOW THEIR FRIENDSHIP EVOLVED and HOW STUPID LOVE CAN BE. The director wantED to show US how humans and insects DIFFER. // How DIFFERENT humans and insects ARE.
    In the end we don’t know who are the cruellest of all!

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  5. When the film starts, Rico is in love with Carmen who is not ready to sleep / have sex with him yet. So the movie mixes love stories and warfare. As a result, it’s action-packed so I agree with Islem!

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  6. In my opinion frankly compared to what I had imagined it was great! There is a lot of stuff when it starts and progresses >it’s action-packed, we follow different character’s career paths in the army everyday in their field and they meet again in the end!

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