Minority Report – Arrest Scene

  • Watch and find as many questions as you can!
  • Watch again and try and find the answers to your questions!
  • Would you like to live in this world? Why? Why not? Explain your opinion.

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Extract from Lesson Notes

Howard wants to kill his wife because she is cheating on him. John wants to arrest Howard before he kills her.

Spielberg wants to show a dark and scary vision of the future, to make us aware of the power of technology in the hands of the police, to ask how far we should go to llve in a safe society,

to warn us about the dangers of progress, to raise ethical issues: should the police arrest people for intending to commit a crime ? Can people get arrested for their ideas?


  • Husband / wife / lover: mari / femme / amant
  • To cheat on someone ( so.) : tromper qq’un
  • To commit a crime / murder: comettre un crime / un murder
  • Attempted murder: tentative d’homicide
  • To intend to + BV: avoir l’intention de
  • To happen / to take place: se passer
  • Will + BV / won’t + bv : expression du futur / prédictions / en train de prendre un décision
  • Is / are / isn’t / aren’t going to + BV: expression du futur / après l’avoir décidé
  • To foresee / to predict: prévoir / prédire
  • To prevent sthg from + ing: empêcher qqchose de se passer
  • To raise ethical issues: soulever des questions éthiques.

4 thoughts on “Minority Report – Arrest Scene

    In S’s view there will no longer be any privacy.
    This vision corresponds to a dystopia hints at a utopia because on the surface the society looks safe.
    Even though we can prevent crimes, privacy is at risk. We don’t share this vision because it’s too scary!
    by Nina Emma Lisa Léa


    We can arrest somebody who HASN’T committed ANY crime,
    innocent people can get arrested so there is no Habeas Corpus (any citizen should be given the right to a fair trial).
    Innocents can go to jail.
    Precrime is so intrusive that people lose their privacy.
    Your intentions become a threat to society which is unfair / wrong.
    by Justine Geoffrey Thalia Cassandra


  3. If we lived in this world, we would commute thanks to flying pods and there will no longer be any traffic jams.
    by Dorine & Joanna


  4. In this futuristic society the criminals can be arrested because the police foresees everything.
    Thanks to the Precogs, we can predict the future.
    by Rayan Adja Chloé Anaëlle


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