BAc Co Final revisions!

Here are some mp3 / Mp4 and corrections to help you prepare for Bac CO!

  • Michelle OBAMA on Food Advertising
  • Hate Crimes After Referendum

  • Brexit? What will happen Next?

  • #MoreThanCute Listen without the video! Timing : 0’09 – 1’42

  • Dangers of Fizzy Drinks
  • African Americans in Photography
  • African Americans for Obama
  • Kids & Junk Food Ads 
  • Young Migrants

Corrections below 

Michelle OBAMA on Food Advertising Timing 6’58 – 8’22

EX. of notes:

  • speech / M. Obama 
  • mums like me > we need ur help 4 our kids
  • >> why? U = marketing agencies & advertisers
  • > U know h 2 get kids :)) excited abt eatg their food  / we nedd u to do it again
  • u have evthg it takes >> magic of ad + power 2 shape our kids desire + tastes
  • kids = sponges
  • :/ they believe evthg they C & hear especially if it’s on TV
  • average child > today = 8h in front of a screen
  • tastes & opinions shaped by marketg campains U create
  • that’s where the pblem comes in
  • 1 year = thousands of ads > 86 % R 4 pducts loaded with sugar, fat and salt
  • Contrast = 1 ad / week 4 healthy prod. like water, fruit & veg

Michelle Obama fait un discours face aux publlicitaires, on entend son micro et des flashs de photographes. Elle explique qu’en tant que maman elle a besoin d’eux. Ils savent rendre les enfants enthousiastes à propose de ce qu’ils mangent, c’est la magie du marchandisage / le la publicité. Ils ont le pouvoir de former les désirs et les goûts des enfants. Car les enfants sont de véritables éponges, ils croient tout ce qu’ils voient et entendent surtout quand ça passe à la télé. L’enfant moyen aujourd’hui passe 8 heures par jour devant un écran. Son opinion et ses goûts sont donc formés par les campagnes publicitaires que les membres du public créent. Et là, il y a un problème. En un an les enfants voient des milliers de pubs, 86% de ces pubs sont pour des produits pleins de sucre, de graisse et de sel. En revanche, ils ne voient qu’une pub par semaine pour des produits comme l’eau, les fruits ou les légumes.

Hate Crimes After Referendum

B2 – C1 Dangers of Fizzy Drinks

We live in one of the fattest countries in the world

1 in 4 of us is obese / according to 2 000 doctors in the UK > our waistlines are already a national crisis // 21 medical org put fizzy drinks at the heart of their attack on the way we consume junk food. Pop should not be part of our daily diet > condemns our culture which makes it acceptable to slurp a litre of it at the cinema // Sugary drinks we don’t need them to survive they’re just water and sugar and calories

Let’s put a tax on those to try and encourage people to drink more healthy drink

the Drs are calling for the price of fizzy drinks to go up by at least 20 %

They also want to see adverts for food high in fat, sugar or salt banished from daytime television and relegated too after the 9 O’Clock watershed

the report says actions as tough as that used to curb smoking may be necessary to help the nation rid the bulge // fast food near leisure centers and schools need to be closed

extra money for weight loss surgery

unlikely to be adopted anytime soon

gvt’s focus is on working with the food industry to get companies to voluntarily reduce the calory content of their food James BBC News

Brexit? What will happen Next?

Britain // Eu – Messy divorce ?

Leave or remain in a powerful trading block

June 23rd national referendum

Poll show the vote cld go either way


camp which wants out of the Eu

Already against Eurozone launched in 1999

More worried abt the surge of immigration

– nowadays 5oo people added to uk population evday

– Since Eu citizens have the freedom to leave in any country they choose – leaving is the only sure way to stem the flow of people

Cameron prime minister argues to stay in – new terms negociated

  • Some reassurances for London financial industry
  • Right to restrict welfare payments to migrants

4 him = Eco disaster Bc Europe accounts for nearly half of UK exports

Brexit = a decade of uncertainty for financial markets / investments and the wider eco

Debate is whiplashing markets and set the Pound tumbling

Argument For Brexit – Eu has morphed from a free trade zone into a superstate- Eating away Britain’s national sovereignty

Pronostics & issues- Vote will likely come down to – 2 issues eco risks // concern abt a flow of immigrants that can’t be stopped.

Whatever the outcome – long love/ hate relationship with the EU will rumble on.

African Americans in Photography

Transcript: It seems that photography helped the United States visualize the possibility of Black folks as proper citizens, fully engaged citizens of our democracy.

Douglas was very very hopeful, very optimistic about the new technology of photography. He imagined that pictures would necessarily yield a certain kind of social and political and cultural progress not just for African Americans but for the nation as a whole. He saw it as a way for the country to see African Americans in a new light, to see African Americans free, to see African Americans as fully enfranchised citizens of the United states.

On the other hand there are a number of accounts, a number of instances, a number of other histories that show photography has also had the capacity to be repressive, to be oppressive to African Americans.

Certainly photography was used by scientists to promote a great many lies and fictioon about race in the United States.

A great many American soldiers posed for portraits and those portraits I think were also announcements as it were, by African American soldiers that they were equally heroic, that their sacrifices were equal to their white counterparts.

African Americans for Obama

exemple de prise de notes:

Obama = > African Americans to vote for him / 2012 election campaign // this month = Black history month > occasion to consider progress we’ve made / sacrifices of so many + commit to challenges we face now

  • evday I think of generat° of Af Am who overcame slavery / oppression / risked their own safety to cast a ballot (to vote) // even gave up their lives to help build a country / founding principles / extraordinary hope / determination > changed this country

their efforts =>  sbody like me to B here 2day

  •  this is another moment > decide what kind of country we want 2 B

1/ a country shrinking nber of people do really well

2 / build a country where evbody get a fair shot / evbody does their faire share / evbody plays by  the same rules

  • campaign powered by folks at every level / takg ownership where it matters most / ard the kitchen table / in barber shops and beauty salons / faith community / at work / at school
  • we are greater together than we can ever be on our own
  • visit 4 more info abt all the ways you can get involved
  • say you’re ready to keep making history

Kids & Junk Food Ads 

Transcript: How do we protect our kids in today’s environment from all the junk food advertising? If you spoke to your kids before every meal every day about healthy eating, you just could not compete with the onslaught of coercive messaging from the food industry. A Yale study found that kids who watched food ads ate 50% more of the snacks placed in front of them during the ad, during the watching of their TV time. The visual stimuli from watching stuff on TV actually triggers the brain to eat more. Snacking which is actually an American invention is seen as fun, exciting, and ultimately a source of happiness, which is far from that! Dr Kenny Brunel and his group from the Yale Centre For Food Policy and Obesity published data showing that the breakfast cereals with the worst nutritional value had the most advertising. You know we’ve stopped Joe Camel, we also need to stop this type of marketing! It’s unfair at its best and drug dealing at worse!

EXemple de correction en français: Il s’agit d’un monologue fait par un spécialiste.Selon lui, il y a un problème avec la pub pour les enfants.Il faut arrêter la pub pour le grignotage (snacking)!Il s’adresse aux parents et cite 2 études.Il dit aux parents que même si ils parlent à leurs enfants de nourriture équilibrée tous les jours et à chaque repas, ils ne font pas le poid face aux industries alimentaires.Il cite une 1ère étude qui indique que les enfants qui regardent des publicités alimentaires grignotent 50% plus de snacks disposés devant eux pendant les spots publicitaires.Les visuels attrayants donnent envie au cerveau de manger plus.Le grignotage est en fait une invention américaine synonyme de plaisir et de bonheur.En réalité, le présentateur dit que c’est bien loin de tout ça! C’est tout l’inverse!Dans la 2ème étude on voit que les céréales les moins bonnes pour la santé sont celles qui sont le plus mises en avant par la pub.Le présentateur insiste: si on a arrêté les pubs pour la cigarette, on doit arrêté ce type de marchandisage aussi.Au mieux c’est injuste, au pire c’est comme le traffic de drogues!


Timing 0’09 – 1’42

Listen without the video!

Superheroes and children. And one dad from Sacramento is hoping to change the way we think about how kids dress for Halloween. Joining us this morning is John Marcot and his daughter Stella.

” Thank you for joining us guys.

” It’s a pleasure to be here.

“Now you started a campaign called more than cute, tell us a little bit about that.

” I have two little girls and they love comic books and video games and they wanted to dress as superheroes for Halloween. But when we go to the store looking for superhero costumes, what we were finding was there would be a spider girl costume that had a tutu and a magic wand or a batgirl costume that was hot pink and then we started looking at all the girls costumes and we noticed that all the costumes for little girls emphasize that they have to be cute even costumes that are supposed to be scary or make them look heroic all are very very cute. There’s nothing wrong with being cute but we wanted to tell girls and their parents maybe dude dream a little bigger and try to be more than cute try to be inspirational, be an astronaut, be a scientist, be a superhero that we don’t always need to focus on a little girl’s physical appearance.

“Okay, Stella I wanna talk to you too because, you’re 8 years old and who are you dressed as?

“Dr Horrible!

“You were going shopping with your dad in a Halloween store what did you see when you were looking at costumes.Mosty just The superheroes were mostly just tutus and a fairy wand and a tiara mostly stuff like that and the Wonder Woman costume that we looked for was pink and purple.

” And what color should Wonder Woman be?

” Blue and red and yellow.

” Of course!


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