Minority Report

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1- List 5 items and/or concepts of new technology in the film that was memorable to you. * items= elements

Spiders to check people’s privacy / identity > SPY- ders which spy on your every move.

They can identify you / by checking your retina > EYE-dentity.

2- What are pre-cogs? What do pre-cogs do?

They predict / foresee crimes before they are committed. They are 3 human beings who look like androids / they are kept in a blue pool, they are creepy.

3-  What is the name of the Police Force John Anderton works for?It’s called PRE-CRIME as if they could stop crimes before they were committed.
4- What are the people they arrest guilty of?

They are gulti of the intention to commit a crime / of intending to commit a crime.

5- What must somebody get changed to change their identity? What does it reveal about the society they live in?

He / She must change his / her eyes.

6- Would you like to live in this world? Why? Why not? Justify with 2 elements.

Not really, though it may look safe and perfect, privacy and Huuman rights are at stake. No habeas Corpus (présomption d’innocence)
7- Does the world of Minority Report correspond to a Utopia or Dystopia? Why?

At first sight it can look like a utopia as the society is safe and everyone seems to enjoy great living conditions with flying cars and personified ads but then we realize that ideal living conditions are flawed with a powerful police / scientific invention which is creepy and deprives people of their fantasies or intentions.


15 thoughts on “Minority Report

  1. 1,for me the spyder who contol the eyes of the people,the Watch which control people’s identity, the tube,where the criminals are placed, the place where the pre-cogs are kept,the unity of psychology,the kind of water where they are placed in are sci-fi items.

    2.the pre-cogs work with the “precrime” ,they are in a unit that looks like a mental hospital.
    3. their name is the ARMY GHQ.

    4.They are arrested before they can act ,before they commit the crime,they are victims of their consciousness.

    5. To change their identity they must change their eyes, so that when the spyder comes to check them that it finds Nothing. Their society they are victims of their consciousness.

    6.Yes because the bad people are arrest before they can make the crime. So there is less murders and we can know who are the people who wish to harm to us.

    7.The minority Report is a utopia besause the society is perfect and the dangerous people are arrestefd,it’s right and fair.

    Myriam Dimpengi Dieva 1L2


  2. 1- The 5 concepts that was memorable to me were : The “Pre-cogs system”, “the halo”, “the personnal ads”, “the spiders” and “the augmented reality game”.

    2- The pre-cogs are 3 artificial intelligence who are able to predict the future and the murders.

    3- “The District of Columbia’s Precrime Division”.

    4- They arrest people who were about to commit a murder.

    6- It looks likes terrifying to live in this world. You clearly feels controlled and watched every time, wherever who are. You just cannot regret your acts because the “AI” (the precogs) predict that you’ll commit a murder.


  3. 1- The elements are : spiders who scan people’s eyes to identify them , the population are identified thanks to a special thing they have in their left eye , the world they live in is without murder , rapes or other crimes , the prisoners that are arrested are kept in a machine that keeps them stand still and who plays their crimes over and over again , there is a special place that you go and you can have all your fantasies realised .

    2- Pre-cogs are three women who are connected to a machine thaks to a strange hamlet they have on their heads and what they do is that they predict the future crimes that people are going to commit .

    3- The name of the police force that john anderson works is District of precrime colombian division .

    4- The guy arrested was Howard marks he was guilty of the future murder of his wife sarah marks and her lover donald dubin.


  4. 4. They’re going to commit crimes, mostly murders.
    5. If somebody wants to change their identity, they must change their eyes because they’re identified by them.
    6. I wouldn’t like to live in this world because you’re never really safe and constantly watched. And it’s really strange, robots are everywhere


  5. 1)Lexus, Halo, Virtual, Spiders, A machin ir order to fly
    2)pre-cogs are machins and they keep the guilty people it’s a new prison.
    4They arrest people guilty of want to murder or rape.
    5)Somebody who want to change his identity has to hide to their eyes. It reveal that you don’t have a personal life in this society because the spiders can see everything about you with your eyes
    6)No because in this world you don’t have a private life.
    7)For me the world of Minority Report correspond to a Dystopia


  6. 1- The robot spiders, the virtual kind of machine that makes you see things, the prison holding murderers virtually, the ads showing on the walls and the pre-cogs.

    2- They are a machine type shaped like humans floating on the water, they are what allows the “cops” to find the pre murderers as they send signals and déjà-vu scenes.

    3- It is called the “pre-crime division”.

    4- The people are guilty of being about to commit murders.

    5- They are under X’s or Y’s identities, I guess it reveals that it doesn’t matter the gender in this society is.

    6- In the sense of feeling safe, I would but it’s very controlling to peek at one another’s live and to scrutinize it.

    7- Minority Report can be both of them as it holds a negative side and a positive side to it.


  7. 1- spiders, halo, pre-cogs

    2- Pre-cogs are mutant knowing the future events.

    3- John Anderton works for Precrime

    4-People are arrest of future crimes.


    6- I don’t want to live in this world because you lost your free will as a human and you’re controlled by this dystopian society.



  8. 2/ Pre-cogs are mind date screen based on all three previsions
    John Anderton works for de Precime’s division , district of Columbia
    4/ They’re a killer named X because he’s never identify , he killed Anne Lively . And Howard Marks for the future murder of Sarah Marks and Donald Dubin .


  9. question 1 : The car “lexus”, the technology eyes-contact , the halo , the “spyders” , the machines
    question 2 :pre-cogs are 3 precogonits
    question 3 : It’s called Precrime
    question 4 : They are arrested because of the murders they did
    question 5 :
    question 6 : yes, i would live in this world because the security is the priority in their society and because of the new technology too it’s kinda cool to live in a world like this.
    question 7 : i think that is a Dystopia because not everything is ideal in their society, they’re always killing people.


  10. Question 3: Precrime is the name of the Police Force where John Anderton works.
    Question 2: A pre-cog is a futur victim who was saved by Precrime and this person see her precrime again and again.
    Question 6: I would not like to live in this world because we are watch all time and all it’s virtual. It’s not a life.
    Question 7: The world of Minority Report correspond to Utopia.


  11. Questions.
    2- Pre-cogs are people who were about to comit a murder, and when they’re arrested, in the lab they’re reminding their worst crime, until a man erase it.

    4- The two people in the bed were cheating on the woman’s husband, Howard Marks, and he is arrested because he’ll comit a murder.

    6- I don’t really know… I think, i want to live in this world, because it’s safer, but what means safer, means that we are all survey. And the liberty isn’t really here..

    7- I think it correspond to a Utopia, because they all want the world to be safer, without any murder or crime.


  12. 1- List 5 items and/or concepts of new technology in the film that was memorable to you. * items= elements

    – Spiders who can scan people’s eyes.
    – Those “tubes” thing used to keep murderers away from the world. ‘iron halos’
    – This thing on the tube, where you can see people’s crimes (I suppose). Crime capsules equipped with screen which brainwashes prisonners into remembering their crimes.
    – The ads telling John’s name, like If they were only talking to him or reading his mind. > personalized ads.
    – This sort of machine, video game with augmented reality where hologramms can make your dreams / wet dreams / fantasies (even the weirdest) come true.


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