Black History films

Watch a film from the list and post your review in the comment bix below!

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Do the Right Thing

The Help

Dear White people


Mississipi Burning


The Butler

12 years a slave

The Great Debaters

Malcolm X




The Color Purple

Freedom Writers


Tv series The wire // Roots // The Get Down

To kill a mocking bird

American History X

Gone with the Wind


One thought on “Black History films

  1. During these holidays, I watched the movie “12 years a slave”. So here is my review of this excellent film!

    Based on the 1853 memoir and slave narrative by Solomon Northup, “12 years a slave” is a 2013 period drama film, directed by Steve McQueen, that tells us about the true story of a freeborn black man who lost everything as he was turned into a slave and forced to work on plantations in the Southern State of Louisiana. After its release, the movie quickly became a huge success, since it won the 86th Academy Awards and numerous other awards. Moreover, it is important to note that Chiwetel Ejiofor’s brilliant interpretation of Solomon earned him the Best Actor award, while the cast also includes such famous actors as Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. A lot of efforts were also made to recreate the atmosphere that prevails in the plantations during this era.

    The story begins quietly, as Solomon Northup, a talented violinist, lives happily with his family in the State of New York. Yet, this pleasant life soon turns into a nightmare when Solomon, lured by a fake work offer, gets drugged and captured. He is then given the identity of Platt, a runaway slave from Georgia, before being sold to a plantation owner in the Louisiana state. Moving from a plantation to another, Solomon encounters various personalities. From a lenient and admiring master, he goes to a violent and harsh one, meeting a lot of other slaves and workers in the plantations who will either harm him or help him in his 12-year quest for freedom.

    This intense, moving yet thrilling experience will take you through a broad range of emotions, going from tenderness and joy to sadness and indignation. Indeed, this movie isn’t solely a pleasant journey through the slavery world of the 19th century, but it also aims to give the spectator a better understanding of the life that was led by slaves, including the violent treatments they had to endure. Thus, some scenes may seem shocking for some people, even though the violence is actually used as a tool to add some more realism to this work of art. Beyond this historical context in which the story is set, the film also tends to give us a lesson, making us understand that nothing can justify a complete loss of hope in life, as we follow Solomon in his fierce fight against despair. Furthermore, the actors’ excellent performances will help you identify with the numerous characters, who have various and deep personalities that are always interesting to analyze. Finally, we shall not end this review without mentioning the simple beauty that characterizes the movie’s landscapes and decors.

    In one word, this realistic film is a real success that does deserve its numerous awards, a magnificent blend of emotions that will take you through an intense 2-hour journey in the slavery world. It’s a must, make sure not to miss it!


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