Micro #2 The Color Line

1- Black History Key Periods REMINDER app’!


2- Complete with the following words:


All these events …SHOW…… that slavery is ……OVER…. yet segregation and racism …STILL….. exist.
We …THOUGHT….  that it happened in the past but it’s SHOCKING. to see that today ( after Trump’s election) some situations are even …WORSE…… .

3 – Find our issue question: BAC NOTION > PROGRESS

  • How does segregation affect American mentalities today?
  • Is segregation really over?
  • African American struggle / To what extent / illustrate / progress / limits
  • To what extent / How has the African American struggle illustrated / shown the limits of progress ?
  • Do African Americans past victories really matter when we see today’s obstacles?


With your group, decide:

● What was Harriet’s privilege as a slave?

Harriet knowS how to read and write.

● What was the most shocking event?

The most shocking was when Dr Flint offers a reward because it shows that she belongs to him / she is just an object / a commodity / an animal.

● The cleverest idea?

  • using a pseudonym
  • instead of escaping she decided to hide so she could see her kids grow up.

● The saddest moment?

  • the time she spent in her storeroom / description
  • says goodbye to Sally

● The most efficient address to the readers?


PAssive Voice EX.

At the time of slavery between the 16th century and 1865 slaveS WERE chained up and WERE forced to work. A slave who was chained and forced to work everyday for free.  Black people were considered as chattel. They were bought and sold.

The KKK members are burning the cross.
The cross was being burnt > était en train d’être

During segregation between 1865 and 1965, crosses were burnt by KKK members. Black people were persecuted.
Coloured people were discriminated against.
Black people were hung by KKK members.
Black people were burnt, attacked and persecuteD by KKK members. The white and coloured people were separated and considered as second class citizenS.

[ THE > pas pr généralités (pl) concepts
the kids over there : qd on les voit / défini désigné]

Rosa Parks (ask) … was asked… to give her seat to a white man. She (arrest) WAS ARRESTED.. in a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. A bus boycott (organize) WAS ORGANIZED.. by Martin Luther King in protest for her arrest. Black people (forbid) ..WERE FORBIDDEN to sit at the front of buses. Segregation (end) ….WAS ENDED… in buses thanks to the boycott. Segregation (condemn) ..HAS BEEN CONDEMNED…by most people during the last 50 years. Today, black people and white people (consider) .ARE CONSIDERED. equal. Barack Obama (elect) WAS elected president twice. Martin Luther King (remember)  …IS REMEMBERED….every year in January. Yet in 2012 Trayvon Martin (shoot) ..WAS SHOT.. by a white-skinned community guard in Florida and in August 2015 Michael Brown (murder) ..WAS MURDERED. by Darren Wilson a white police officer who (indict) .WASN’T INDICTED.. by the Grand Jury. That’s why racial tensions …ARE deeply …ROOTED (root) in American mentalities.

Martin Luther King, Jr. WANTED black and white Americans to live happily together. On the third Monday in January every year, many Americans …CELEBRATE this hero. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. …WAS… a black pastor. He ……WAS BORN in Atlanta, Georgia on 15th January, 1929. He was the leader of the Civil …RIGHTS…… movement demanding …EQUALITY… for Black people. Many ……SOUTHERN……… states in the U.S.A., like Georgia, were …RACIST : SEGREGATED in the 1950s : black children couldn’t go to the …SAME schools as whites; Blacks and Whites were not …ALLOWED… to sit in the same bus seats, theatres or use the same public toilets. King believed that was …UNFAIR . In December 1955, Rosa Parks, a Black woman, was on a bus in …MONTGOMERY , Alabama. A white man demanded her …SEAT… and she refused to …STAND… up. She …WAS… arrested. King, who …WAS… working in Montgomery, …ORGANIZED… a black protest. For a year, black people …REFUSED… to use the buses. Finally, segregation on the buses was declared illegal. In fact all segregation in Alabama was …ABOLISHED / ENDED… ! That’s how Dr King …BECAME famous and he continued with many other …DEEDS / SPEECHES . He wanted Black and White people to have the same rights. Some white people …SUPPORTED him, but many opposed him. His house was …BURNT. But King, like Gandhi, refused VIOLENCE. In 1964, he received the Nobel ……PEACE Prize. King was an excellent …ORATOR…… His speeches were famous and convinced many people, including President Kennedy, that he was RIGHT… . But he continued to have enemies and on April 4th, 1968, he ( died) / he was …SHOT / KILLED…… Ironically, the death of this non-violent man provoked …RIOTS… all over America.

Adapted From ” Easy Speakeasy ” (January 1999)


One thought on “Micro #2 The Color Line

  1. Vocabulary:
    young # old
    herself: elle même
    to remind so. of sthg. : rappeler qqchose à qq’un
    # to remember sthg: se souvenir de qqchose
    memories : souvenirs
    childhood memories: souvenirs d’enfance
    souvenirs: bricoles de touriste
    Harriet remembers the story when she was a young child > elle se souvient du temps où elle était enfant. >> she remembers her childhood.
    actually ( en réalité ) # currently ( actuellement)


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