The Eye and the I


Warm up : The Eye and the I

Final task: Based on a Facebook profile, write 3 paragraphs of an autobiography to be published in 2080.

Session 1 – document to download here: facebooks-timeline2

EYE : when we write autobiographies we collect memories, report events and record our life. We try to be realistic. Do we tell the truth ?  About the way we see ourselves / the way we see writing?

I: we speak about facts and feelings / about our life / our loved ones / our inner self. Is an autobiography like a diary? Or is it written from a diary? About the past but written now > so an autobiography is about how we see ourselves now compared to who we were in the past.


How do we give our autobiography a realistic and a universal dimension? Do we manipulate the facts ? rearrange events? Do we lie ?

On Facebook some people lie to be more popular / some people criticize or bully others online.

Some autobiographies are not reliable because  the writer manipulates facts and someone’s memories can be different from someone else’s memories.


Point of view: the writer‘s point of view on himself? / the reader‘s point of view of the writer?

2 types of autobiographies:

Historical accounts of important people ( Churchill )

# literary mythomania & self-fiction : you make your reader believe you are telling the truth but in fact you are lying and creating a literary avatar for yourself.


Document study:

Nature: Internet page from an online newspaper.

Topic: announcment of Facebook new timeline app.

illustration: screen capture of Facebook profile page.



We use facebook to keep in touch and live messenger to chat with loved ones and far away friends.

Some people used Facebook against me, that’s why I closed my account;

Some people change their facebook profile picture because they are narcissistic and superficial / shallow. The way we look has become important in society today so we are under pressure to look perfect and funny all the time. My Facebook account is like an online ‘confident’ : a safe place where I can vent my spleen. ( lâcher du leste, vider mon sac)

It’s like a diary that you can share to a small circle of trusted friends, keep private or make publlic.

Is Facebook the new autobiography?


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