Micro session 4 with TES – TL

1 question
What media did we study last week? newspapers / magazines / broadsheets

How are we influenced by it? Which element from the layout* mise en page were misleading*? Trompeurs

the choice of images and caption on the  influence readers.

Headlines and the choice of words can get our attention and urge us to read.

Most newspapers are funded by ads but we don’t pay attention to them anymore.

Political cartoons are interesting because they share satirical visions of politics.

Step 1 – Anticipate! Look at the images & title!
a- What is the audio document about? US elections Party conventions / each candidate is elected by his / her party to start the race to the White House.
b- What words do you expect to hear?

ISIS – immigration – emails – build a border wall – unemployment – racial profiling – climate – terrorism


CO convention speeches – anticipate / bac exam TES ( script – TL)
What is manipulated here? What is the effect

Step 1 – Anticipate! Look at the images & title!
a- What is the audio document about?
b- What words do you expect to hear?

circus show music funny > mud wrestling instead of optimism
Complete punchlines & issues


Trump about emploment / jobs

‘ have a different vision for the employment ‘ stand up against countries who cheat

Clinton ” going to work with both parties for the first 100 days of her mandate to pass the biggest investment in good paying jobs since WW2 .

Issue – terrorism

Trump “C’s legacy is death / terrorism / destruction / weakness”

Clinton – he says he knows more abt ISIS than the generals, but in fact he doesn’t.


Trump ” stop the gangs / drugs / violence illegal immigrants / great border wall /

Clinton ” self-defeating / inhumane to kick hard-working immigrants out ”

React / discuss.





Julian / Tom / Romain / Morgane

We disagree with Trump saying / when he claims Clinton’s legacy is ‘death…’ because he criticizes her but he doesn’t mention any solution. We agree with Clinton saying she wants to welcome / embrace  immigrants.

Etienne & Alexandre

It reminds us of the Berlin Wall and the wall between Bangladesh and Burma.

Sofiane / Lois / Daniel

We disagree with Trump about the building the wall as it would increase racial / ethnic tensions.

Sarah / NIcolas / Laura

We disagree about this whole debate, it feels absurd and ridiculous.

Sylvain & Jerry We disagree with what T say about building a wall between the USA and Mexico.

I agree with Clinton saying it would be inhumane to kick immigrants out”.

Campaign committees – find out more about each candidate’s agenda.
TES analyse the cartoon – what can you see / what’s the issue? / situation? / what is your candidate’s opinion?
Complete table / ask other groups / take notes
Ccl – how can media inform us? Which media can be trusted? Why?
What about political cartoons? Why are they interesting for us? For voters?


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