2ndes – Unit 2 – Addicted!

Homework : do the Addict3d online quiz on video!



Unit 2 – Final task : Create the teaser and voice over of a new Tv series or season episode !


Find the full questions:

nature of this document ?






texts per month?

birthday party?

texting compared to?

normal things?


technology in an adolescent’s life?

her mother ?

Raina ?

texts per month / the average 13-17 year old



A2 Watch the video only 1 time and try to remember as many addiction symptoms as you can!

A2 Explain 3 references to a TV series.

B1  Could this girl be even worse? Imagine what more could happen to her!

B2 What is the impact of TV series on young viewers?

Use keywords from the video and prepare your answers.

12 signs you might be addicted to a TV series

Video study – Team work


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