Childhood Memories Correction Workshop

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  • Students are in charge of correcting their grammar, vocabulary and syntax.
  • They work in teams with a tool box created after assessing their test on Childhood memories.
  • 2 students are in charge of typing and double checking on the blog everyone can see on the classroom beamer screen.

Organize your toolbox!

Add the correct labels:



  • Where / when / How … + aux + S + V : when you ask about the complement.

Where did you go last night? I went to the restaurant.

Who / What + V + S: when you ask about the subject.

Who are you? I’m your friend.

What is your problem? English grammar is my problem!

  • adj + nouna very important moment
  • very : très / really : vraiment (avec des sentiments) I was very late / I was really sorry.
  • Y of X > X’s Y possessif avec nom propre pour les lieux = ‘S

The bakery of Mrs John > Mrs John’s bakery / Mrs John’s ( sans ‘bakery’ on sait qu’il s’agit d’un lieu quand même)

  • want + TO + BV I want to speak about my memories.

    intention = to

    She gave me the date for me to remember her birthday. Pour que je … / so I can remember her birthday. / She wanted me to remember so she …


  • pour faire une négation au présent simple:

do + not + BV : I don’t know / he doesn’t know

  • action qui se déroule au moment où on parle = BE + ing. I’m telling you to be quiet!
  • Every month / every day : action répétée donc présent simple. You tell me to do my homework everyday!
  • Past actions / dated / no impact on present = preterit : What did you do last night? I ate a pizza.
  • action longue + ing ( en train de se passer au moment où) action brève = préterit / action qui interrompt l’autre

I was having a shower when the phone rang.

…………….?Vocabulary …………………….

  • good > toujours chercher mieux! / well / nicely / carefully
  • to scare someone: faire peur à qq’un
  • a thing > something
  • something very important : quelque chose d’important
  • to happen to someone : qui arrive à quelqu’un
  • forget / forgot / forgotten

= > pas de date / lien passé / présent > j’ai tout oublié ( aujourd’hui je réalise que j’ai tout oublié > I have forgotten everything!

= > date / action précise = I forgot my notebook! Sorry!

  • To talk ( sous entend 2 personnes donc pas besoin de ‘together’)
  • normally = adv / normal = adj > préférer usually : d’habitude / usual: habituel
  • after : après que / then = ensuite
  • The same as = même que
  • another: un(e) autre / other : d’autres
  • To say something: dire / prononcer qqchose
  • to tell something / someone about sthg: dire / raconter qqchose à qq’un
  • to talk about sthg: parler de qqchose

I’m saying I don’t remember, so I don’t want to tell you anything personal and I don’t want to talk about my childhood memories ever again!

Tüan – Eva

7. Today I MET a girl but I already knew her. What HAPPENED? I want TO speak. We were talking like ON a USUAL date.

Clément – Julianne

8. THEN he ASKED me some questions. He asked me another question about my first love. You’RE SCARING ME! Something very special happened to me! 

Victor – Maël

9- I wanted to LEAVE after I saw that he WAS taking notes. WAS he a psycho? Mrs Winston’s coffeeshop / I was really annoyed / The man didn’t say anything about him.

1- Matthias – Lou-Ann B. – Marie-Claudine You repeat this story TO ME  everyday. He URGED ME  TO TELL HIM. Why does he want to know it? I don’t know why but THEN we KISSED.

2- Mennad – Léna I recognized him.The same AS what? I was in the coffeshop I WAS ON a DATE with a guy. It’s very important, I’m not kidding you Anna.

3- Solène – Enzo All these years were magical / When I answered his question, I was lost in my memories. So I asked him why he was writing , he replied he MET me in the past. I asked him how he felt when he kissed me for the first time. 

4- Yacine – Marine When they were playing hide and seek / She asked me: “how did it go?”  / The film reminds me of my first love. / The girl reacted carefully. .

5- Guillaume – Morgan First, she doesn’t really agree.That’s how her first love story has begun. She looks sad when she talks about him

6- Alice – Junior This story is so beautiful. He doesn’t answer the woman’s questions. She remembers when they used to play “hide-and-seek”. She kissed the man to know if he’s the boy she kissed first.

7- Imane – Romeo – Anaïs I SAW a man IN the coffeeshop and he DIDN’T stop askING  questions. I wantED TO go awayBUT he TOLD me he COULDN’T remember THEN  I REALIZED he WAS my firstlove. It’s HIM! But finally she STARTED to TALK so I pickED up my paper and startED to write everything.

8- Wilhem – Julie – Lou Ann G I wanted to answer something but I COULDN’TI started to have a strange feeling about this man, you know, he was WRITING down all my answers. The man DIDN’T remember HIS  first love.

9- Jawed – Fatou – Luca At the end of the date, I understood and she understood here: her first love, it’s me

  • At the end of the date, that’s when I realized and so did she that I was her first love. 
  • He told me he COULDN’T  rememeber anything FROM his childhood. I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING when I tasteD his COFFEE it was him because he loveS apricotS and he USED TO them ALL THE TIME .
  • He forgOt all his past.

10- Manon – Joanna – Ali

  • I will never forget all the little things that he TAUGHT to me despite his ILLNESS
  • She asked the man to tell her but he didn’t remember so he didn’t say anything
  • The girl’s first boyfriend. / from the girl’s childhood used to eat apricots. 

11- Juliette – Sarah

  • The film IS  called ‘Apricot’ because when they WERE young he USED TO EAT  apricot before she kissed him. It’s really cute because she found her first love after so many years. 
  • AS they were on their date, he was taking notes to remind himself of this love story.

HW next week REVISE!! 



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