Listen up! What do these sounds make you think of?

Write or draw what comes to your mind on a blank paper.

Discuss with a partner! Which travel experience best corresponds to you? Why?

Tell about your travel experience(s). Find 5 questions. Act out the conversation.

Speak in turns for 5 minutes.

Report to the class. Are all travel experiences similar?

List the types of travellers that you know, give examples if you can.

Team 1 – What do they have in common?

Team 2 – What makes them different?

What type of traveller best corresponds to your personality? Why?

Adventurer – Refugee – Biker – Writer – Migrant – Explorer – Spy

You will discover 7 travellers!

Each traveller has a unique story to tell!

You will prepare a radio interview.

Work in pairs.

Student A will act as a journalist.

Student B will act as a traveller.

Choose the story you want to report. You will need to study documents, complete a map, prepare your questions and record yourselves!


Work in teams!

Recap’ : How can travel experiences illustrate this notion?

Use as many words as possible to explain why travel experiences illustrate this notion!

Ask if you need new words!

Read out loud and type out your sentence!

  • A traveller is someone who …
  • There are different types of travellers, for example: …
  • I believe travel experiences best illustrate the notion … because …
  • When we go on a trip we can … … that’s why travel experiences correspond to the notion …
  • Tourists want to … / refugees …
  • Compared to tourists, refugees…
  • Most travel experiences are …
  • My best travel experience was when …
  • My worst travel experience was when …
  • Some people don’t feel like travelling because …
  • Some people are forced to travel because of …
  • Before leaving … you must / should / feel …
  • When you arrive …
  • When you are back …











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