TV Series Trailers

Send a ‘reply’ with: 

– name of the members of your team 

– your plan ( – voice over / – voice over + new plot / – voice over + plot + images) 

– what do you need? ( video editing? / lab recording session … )

USB key!



6 thoughts on “TV Series Trailers

  1. Hellooooo~
    My team members are Manon Nguyen, Morgan Yakhelef, and Alicia Sancho. We chose to imagine and create our own scenario with our own images and a voice over on top. Morgan wants to learn editing so we’ll be able to equally dispatch the tasks. Annnnd we’re currently writing the scenario and beginning the shooting script !
    See you on Monday !


  2. Hello, my team is composed of Yacine, Jawed and Mathias. Our plan is to record our voice on the trailer of Narcos but we will also invent the rest of this series. So we need a lab recording session. Thank you and have a good weekend!



  3. Hello!
    The members of ma team are Wilhem and me, Alice.
    We have chosen to create a voice over with music or tempo. So we would like to have a lab recording session AND a video editing (the both if it’s possible).
    Thank you. Bye!


  4. Name of the menbers of my team : lou-ann guyomarc’h / Juliette Tran / Joanna rocca.
    Plan: voice over + plot + images
    I don’t need anything


  5. Hello
    The members of my team are Victor and me.
    We choose to work on the serie Breaking Bad, and would like to create, to take our images with our voice over on the top, so we can need to go at the lab and a we can need a video editing also, if it’s possible.
    Thank you and bye !


  6. Hello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    My team members are Guillaume, Maël, Victor and me. We gonna create an original series, with images, voice, special effects and explosions…
    We don’t need anything, I just want a ice cream.

    Bye =3


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