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Grp A lesson notes Feb 15th.  BE ready for a test prepared by GRoup B!

Questions example:

  • What was Ben’s memory?
  • What’s the French / English word for…?
  • How would you say : ‘je me souviens que j’avais l’habitude de manger des tonnes de boulettes de viande! “
  • What are the two ways to express habits in the past? ( used to + BV / WOULD + BV )
  • Find the missing words: What music did you ……….. to listen to when you ……… young? (What music did you used to listen to when you were young? )

1- Yvette : ” I remember eating oodles of MEATBALLS. I WOULD just cram my face in meatballs. If my mum had allowed it, I would have eaten meatballs 7 days a week.

2- Ben: In the Summer, I remember swimming in the river. We WOULD dive in even if we were WEARING Tshirts and jeans. We WOULD spend the whole day splashing about! Whenever I think about it, it makes me SMILE.

3- Heidi: I remember playing DRESS UP with my mum’s clothes. We USED TO get so excited with the high HEELS and necklaces, beads and EARINGS. And play SHOP. One of us WOULD be the shop assistant and the other the CUSTOMER. We would put our DOLLS in our PRAMS and go for a walk in the garden.

4- Jodie: My favourite CHILDHOOD memory was being TRICKED by my parents. On the WAY to Filey my dad asked me to get something out of the boot of the CAR where I discoveres SUITCASES with LABELS to go to DISNEY LAND in Florida.

5- Olivia : We USED to go crabbing. WE WOULD sit whatever the weathe ron a muddy BRIDGE.It was PURE FUN!

  • scuba diving: plongée
  • a scuba : un tuba
  • goggles: lunettes de plongée
  • a doll: une poupée
  • a pram: une poussette
  • oodles of meatballs: des tonnes de boulettes de viande
  • a muddy bridge: un pont boueux
  • to play shop: jouer à la vendeuse
  • to play dress up: jouer à se déguiser
  • to go crabbing : aller à la pêche aux crabes
  • a necklace: un collier
  • earings: boucles d’oreilles
  • a suitcase: une valise
  • a customer: un client
  • to splash about: éclabousser
  • to spend the whole day +ing: passer la journée à …

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 20.04.35

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 20.00.32

February 13th Lesson notes:

Image STUDY / PAirwork

See original image

Image 1 – Kids playing cards

«  it remindS me when I played cards or board games with my family, it’s happy memory.

It reminds Mennad when he dealt Pokemon cards with every kid around.

It reminds me when I tried to play the Magician but noone wanted to see my tricks.

To argue over sthg / fight over > it reminds Joanna when she fought / argued with her twin brother because he cheated.

See original image

Image 2 reminds Adrien when he drove a toy car with his friends. Doesn’t remind Junior of anything : reminds Solène that boys didn’t play jumping rope saying ‘it’s a girl’s game’.

But Wilhem played jumping rope 8 years ago !

See original image

Image 3 reminds Ali when his brother gave him wise tips about life.

Reminds Morgan when her grand father told her about the war in Algeria.

Reminds Adrien that his grand father promised to tell him crap when he is older.

Reminds Solène when her grand pa gave her sweets but her grand ma disagreed so she hid them.

See original image

Image 4 – It reminds Luca when he cheated in college. We think he’s lying !

See original image

Image 5 – It reminds Sarah when she had 2 lovers at nursery school.

Image 6 – It reminds Lou Ann when she went skiing and stayed to look at the snow falling outside the window.

It reminds Joanna when she cried because she was grounded and forced to stay inside.

Image 7 – It reminds me of my rabbit teddy bear when I was young.



Who wanted to be a magician ?

Alicia wanted to be a magician.

Who had two lovers ? Sarah had two lovers.

Whose grand father went to war ? M’s grand da told her about the war in Algeria.

All these images remind us of kids and our childhood.

Nursery school : maternelle

Primary school : primaire

aunt / uncle : tante oncle

playground : cour de récrée

to play cards and board games : joueraux cartes et jeux de société

bond / complicity : lien fort

around a pool table : autour d’un billard

jumping rope corde à sauter

threatened me : m’a menacé

to cheat : tricher

He caught me red -handed ! : se faire grillé / cramé/ prendre la main dans le sac

This reminds me when I … / of + N.

It doesn’t remind me of anything.

to play hide and seek : jouet à chat ./ cache cache.

suck your thumb : sucer ton pouce

holiday camp: colonie

noodle soupe: soupe aux vermicelles

unbearable > insupportables

Group A – Interviews 

  1. What was favourite video game ? What do you remember about your favourite video game ?
  2. Characters ? Design ??
  3. What is the difference between your childhood games and the games you play today ? How have your video games evolved/ changed ?
  4. What was the name of your favourite Teddy Bear ? Why ? Do you still have it ? When did you stop using it ? How did you feel ?
  5. What was your worst prank ? And what were the consequences ?
  6. How do you feel when you think about your childhood ?
  7. How did you feel on your first school day ?




5 thoughts on “Childhood memories

    • What’s the English word for:
      Dress up
      Splash about
      Muddy bridge
      To make so. aware of sthg.
      Autrefois j’avais l’habitude de…

      Tell about your earliest childhood memories (write 5 lines with 10 words from the lesson and 5 verbs in the past)

      What was the video’s message?


  1. Hello Miss Lecatre,
    I’ve been wondering if you could post the mind map on the blog because I found myself unable to read some words (the lighter ones). If it’s already uploaded somewhere it would be nice of you to tell me where. I don’t know if I’m the only one in that case but thank you !
    From the failed magician AKA: Alicia-Maria Sancho


    • Words are the French equivalents:
      Habits habitudes
      Happy times bons moments
      Remember se souvenir
      Pranks bêtise
      Family famille
      Sad moments moments tristes
      Toys jouets
      And I guess that’s it!


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