BAC ORAL Progress

Key words:

half-human / half-robot : mi homme mi robot

to improve: améliorer

an improvement une amélioration

to allow so. to do sthg: permettre à qq’un de faire qqchose

to be disabled: être handicapé

technological devices: outils technologiques

to make your life easier: rendre ta vie plus facile

to raise ethical questions: soulever des questions éthiques

to move forward: avancer

Issue question: How far can technology go?

Intro: Most people think that technological devices make your life easier and that progress is always a positive move forward. But how far can technology go?

Amanda Boxtel recap’

She is 43 years old, she had a ski accident. She fell and her back hit theground. As a consequence she can never walk again and she is disabled. But thanks to bionic technology she is able to walk again. This technological device made her life easier. After her accident she felt desperate and hopeless whereas today she is hopeful for future generations. Bionic technology made her dreams come true. This document shows a very positive view of progress.

Minority Report.

It’s a science fiction film by Spielberg. We watched the trailer and we mentionned robot spiders, personalized ads and touch screens which illustrate a futurist world where crime rates are low but people’s privacy is violated. So this film shows an ambivalent view of progress. There is less violence but people are not free, they are watched. At first we think it’s utopia but in the end we realize it can also be a dystopia.


This is an interview of an expert and a journalist whose name is Lionel about “sexbots”. Sexbots are robots which look like humans, we can use them instead of a real person to satisfy our needs. These robots can eliminate postitution and rape, but there are bad consequences. That will destroy human connexions or interactions. This is what Lionel thinks, he disagrees with this idea, sexbots are dangerous. We already live in a society where people are individualistic and isolated. Sexbots will make this situation worse, this will reinforce individualismand destroy intimacy, humanity forever.

Intro: Most people think that technological devices make your life easier and that progress is always a positive move forward. But how far can technology go?

Amanda’s story and sexrobots are both about bionic technology and a mix between humans and robots. Bionic technology is when science creates robotic elements to replace human body parts. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Sexbots can learn things from you the same as Spider Robots in Minority reports. So our world looks more and more like a dystopia.

Also for Amanda bionic technology corresponds to her need to live normally and be able towalk while sexrobots are designed for artificial pleasure. This shows that on one hand science can make your mlife easier, allows some miracles but on the other hand it can also raise ethical questions. When it goes too far it’s scary. Sexrobots fro example look like a science fiction creation but they are real so it’s disturbing.

To conclude at first science and innovations are here to help people. But man’s ambition goes to far. We thought Progress was only a way to make human life easier, and a way to fight diseases but some people decided to use advanced technology and play God. They want to control everything because they are scared of the unknown. That’s why I think we have to create robots without Aritifical Intelligence and preserve our ethical values like freedom, solidarity and humanity.





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