Walking Again!


1S7 corrections

TEAM 1 – Watch + find keywords / ask the class and take notes. Salsabile Rayyan Alicia Younès  TEAM 2 – Make full sentences with keywords from video.

It’s about a woman who had a ski accident on December 1992.Her name is Amanda. She went to hospital and the doctor said she would never walk again.She can walk again today thanks to a new machine and she can live her dreams.

by Marthe Berkan Mouloud Maeva

TEAM 3 – Find Wh- Questions Elliot Matthieu  Imane Nolivé

TEAM 4 – Answer T3 questions. Raphael Victor Lydia Sara Elsa

Where was her accident?

> In the mountains on the blue track.

What type of accent does she have?

> Australian

How long was she paralysed for?

> She has been paralysed for almost 20 years / 18 years

How old is she?

> 43

What was the consequence of her accident?

> She was paralysed / disabled / couldn’t walk anymore.

What was the cure?

> Bionic technology. Exoskeleton

TEAM 5 – Recap’ – Kaixiang Noémie Louis Meghan Lise

  • About the accident ( how, where, consequences) it happened in 1992 / mountains / fell / her back hit the ground / as a result she couldn’t walk again.
  • About the cure ( what, how it works) bionic technology / she wears an exoskeleton that helps her lift her knees and walk again.
  • About her feelings ( during the accident > shocked / electrocuted / at the doctor’s, > hopeful / not resigned / determined / strong-minded // with the exoskeleton > free / overwhelmed , today about bionic technology > thankful / hopeful )

TEAM 6 – What type(s) of progress is/are illustrated ?

Alice Laura Yasmine Eva Shujan Jade Harini

technological / medical / personal progress.

  • Team 7 – Compared to Minority Report, what side of progress is revealed?

Alya Edwige Juliette Ralph Vanessa Ionut

compared to MR > bright / positive side of progress / real not fiction

medical progress instead of oppressive gadgets.




TSTMG corrections:

TEAM 1 – Blind watch + find keywords

TEAM 2 – Make full sentences with keywords

The video is about Amanda who is Australian but lives in Colorado.

She was helped by bionic  technology because she


Amanda went skiing in the mountains 18 years ago unfortunately she fell and she broke her back / spinal cord / vertebra.

She walked for the first time afetr 18 years of paralysis thanks to bionic technology.

She has been disabled FOR 18 years.

She has been disabled SINCE 1998.

depuis : for pour durée // since : date précise.

preterit > précise daté / constat factuel / pas d’incidence sur le moment où on parle

present perfect ( has fallen) > pas de date > lien cause cause conséquence passé > moment où on parle

Davide Bowie died 3 days ago.

// He has just died ( il est mort y’a 5 minutes)

TEAM 1 – Find Questions

Where did the accident happen?

What’s the English for ‘télésiège’ > chairlift

What happend after 18 years? She walked again for the 1st time!


TEAM 2 – Answer the questions

TEAM 1 & 2  > Watch and FOCUS

About Amanda ( age, accent, family …)
About the accident ( how, where, consequences)
About the cure ( what, how it works)
About her feelings ( during the accident, at the doctor’s, with the exoskeleton, today about bionic technology)

Conclude: what side of progress is illustrated ?

Practice CO with more videos!


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