TSTMG – Progress Corrections

Minority Report By S. Spielberg Corrections.



Where did the accident happen?

What’s the English for ‘télésiège’ > chairlift

What happened after 18 years? She walked again for the 1st time!


  • The video is about Amanda who is Australian but lives in Colorado.
  • She was helped by bionic  technology because she ( FALL ) FELL  (FALLEN)
  • Amanda went skiing in the mountains 18 years ago unfortunately she fell and she broke her back (dos) / spinal chord (moélle épinière) / vertebra (vertèbre) / spinal column (colonne vertébrale)
  • She walked for the first time after 18 years of paralysis thanks to bionic technology.

GRAMMAR ! She has been disabled FOR 18 years. // She has been disabled SINCE 1998.

  • depuis : for pour durée // since : date précise.
  • preterit > précise daté / constat factuel / pas d’incidence sur le moment où on parle
  • present perfect ( has fallen) > pas de date > lien cause cause conséquence passé > moment où on parle

EX. David Bowie died 3 days ago. (il y a 3 jours)  // He has just died ( il est mort y’a 5 minutes)

  1. TEAM 1 – Find Questions / TEAM 2 – Answer the questions / TEAM 1 & 2  > Watch and FOCUS


  1. About Amanda ( age, accent, family …) : 43 / Australian accent but lives in Colorado
  2. About the accident ( how, where, consequences) :  in the mountains / skiing / fell / hit the ground / broke her back
  3. About the cure ( what, how it works) : exoskeleton strapped to her body  / bionic technology ( http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/the-insane-and-exciting-future-of-the-bionic-body-918868/?no-ist)


  1. About her feelings ( during the accident, at the doctor’s, with the exoskeleton, today about bionic technology) at the doctor’s first > hopeless / resigned //  with the exoskeleton & today  > hopeful

Conclude: what side of progress is illustrated ?

BAC CCl example: Progress can help cure diseases and repair or improve where nature failed. Bionic technology shows how technological and medical innovations can help people who suffer from injuries or are disabled. Unlike / Contrary to the oppressive and invasive side of progress imagined in the film Minority Report, Amanda’s story is a positive sign of progress!

More about bionic inventions?



Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 19.11.11

Expression Ecrite:



can’t help / stop checking my emails: je px pas m’empêcher de regarder mes mails

to be trapped / isolated / detached / cut off from the outside world

I’d rather have a conversation face to face than online

to spend time + ing passer du tps à

to keep + ing na pas arrêter de

to be addicted to sthg / to + Ving sthg = être accro à

to hang out with your friends: sortir avec ses amis

anymore : ne .. plus I don’t see my friends anymore; je ne vous plus mes amis

thanks to : gâce à

because of : à cause de

to post private info online

to check your emails

to hear from your friends who live far away

free ( gratuit)

to get hacked / bullied



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