Micro Minority Report!

1- Watch the trailer. Which BAC notion does it correspond to? Why?

Spaces & Exchanges / Myths & Heroes / The Idea of Progress / (Places and Forms of Power.)


  • Takes place in the future
  • Shows a new form of police

2- List 5 items and/or concepts of new technology in the film that was memorable to you. * items= elements

  • Spaceships / flying motorbikes / hologram computers Eye-dentity > eye-scanners / Spy-ders > robot spiders spying on your privacy

3- What are pre-cogs? What do pre-cogs do?

*3 blue people kept in water / previewing murders / crimes / predict what’s going to happen.

4- What is the name of the Police Force John Anderton works for?

  • Precrime

What are the people they arrest guilty of?

  • They are guilty of intending to kill someone / innocent > they are potential culprits / likely to do sthg wrong / commit a crime but they haven’t done it yet.

5- What must somebody get changed to change their identity? What does it reveal about the society they live in?

  • eyes / they are deprived of

6- Would you like to live in this world? Why? Why not? Justify with 2 elements.

  • Yes & no > it’s safe but oppressive and there is no privacy / you might get arrested even if you’re inncocent.

7- Does the world of Minority Report correspond to a Utopia or Dystopia?

Failed utopia > safe like in a utopia but it’s oppressive and there’s no individual liberty so it’s a dystopia too.

Watch video about Utopias and Dystopias. Stop at 2minutes.

Choose 2 scenes to illustrate your opinion. Justify.

  • It is about / it deals with / relates to ….
  • a flying motorbike: une moto volante
  • a murder: un meurtre
  • a murderer: un meurtrier
  • to be guilty of: être coupable de + ing
  • spiders: araignées
  • to preview: voir en avance
  • to predict: prévoir
  • there is + sing / there are + pl: ex. There are spiders / there is a crime
  • I wouldn’t like to live in this world
  • they don’t have any rights
  • they are not free
  • there are no crimes so it’s safe!
  • To prevent sthg from +Ving: empêcher qqchose d’arriver
  • to preview: voir en avance
  • to predict: prévoir
  • to expect sthg to happen: s’attendre à ce que qqchose se passe
  • hologram computer
  • transparent lift


‘Panic Broadcast’


In 1938 / hoax / fake space invasion

Radio broadcast adapted from a sci-fi story called War of the Worlds, written by H G Wells

The actor / film director who had the idea of this radio adaptation is Orson Welles


Sci fi stories become famous when people are scared of the future.

Historical milestones ( WW2) there are writers who imagine / predict events.

Bad omen / prediction < visionaries / anticipate

Speculative fiction > War of the Worlds, 1898. ‘invasion’

1984, by G. Orwell written in 1948 > DYSTOPIAS




/ IMAGINE / DYSTOPIAS / IDEA PROGRESS / Technological progress


Can science-fiction writers predict our future?

  • What image of progress is given : predictable & dystopias = dark
  • Imagination finds inspiration from science / negative or positive idea of progress?
  • Do you agree that progress is negative and controlled by AI / genetics?

What image of the future is given by science fiction? Positive / safe but also negative oppressive…

Ex. Passive voice

  • Was written / 2- was directed / 3- was directed / 4- is invaded / 5 – are killed
  • Is it any good? / What type of film is it? / Who’s in it? / What’s it about? / What happens in the end?

HW – write the end of one of the two texts / complete.






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